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Marketo Design Studio

How to Build your next Marketo Event Template

March 23, 2017

Consider this scenario:

Your company just committed to hosting a series of events over the next 6 months that span across North America. As the Marking Operations Manager, you have been tasked with building out the necessary programs in Marketo, including managing the registration, email promotions and campaign reporting for the entire …

How to Build a Marketo Webinar Template that Scales

March 8, 2017

Webinars have become a favorite marketing tactic for many of today’s B2B brands, because they can support a wide range of business initiatives. However, they can also be costly and time consuming to build. One of the main reasons we find brands aren’t doing more with webinars is because of the time-consuming amount of work …

How to Make HTML5 Placeholders in Marketo Forms

July 5, 2013

(Originally posted on

Recently we had a question in the Marketo community about how to make placeholder text for Marketo forms. This has been a current development challenge for one of our clients, whose design required moving the labels into the form fields as placeholders. While this is quite simple when coding from …

Marketo Responsive Method: Marketo Double Div

June 7, 2013

(Originally posted on

The primary way in which you’re able to make Marketo’s landing pages responsive is through a method I’ve affectionately (and shamelessly) dubbed the “Marketo double div.”

Marketo’s WYSIWYG editor works like this: You drag in a new element onto the page. The element is absolutely positioned wherever you placed it. A …