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Team & Leadership

At Etumos, our growing team of Marketing Operations experts is relentless in their pursuit of excellence so you can smash your marketing goals.

Our Team & Consultants

Dayna Wellman
Campaign Operations Sr. Consultant

Dayna Wellman

2x Marketo Champion, Fearless 50 Marketer, and MCE. Passionate about email marketing and best practices. Columbus Blue Jackets hockey fan.

Corey Bethel
Campaign Operations Sr. Consultant

Corey Bethel

Marketo Champion Alumni, and Marketo Certified Expert who is passionate about online privacy and security.

Campaign Operations Sr. Consultant

Raven McFarlane

Marketo Certified Expert. Passionate for MOPs, process optimization, data driven approaches, and exploring all the beauty this world has to offer.

Amanda Thomas
Marketing Operations Sr. Consultant

Amanda Thomas

5x Marketo Champion and Houston MUG leader passionate about solutions design, lead nurture, and process efficiency. Also a Saturday Night Live aficionado.

Keith Nyberg Headshot
Marketing Operations Sr. Consultant

Keith Nyberg

4x Marketo Champion loves troubleshooting any and all database issues. Unhealthily bothered by dirty data and messy instances.

Consulting Services Manager

Jake Wild

Technical professional living in the PNW, working to make Marketing more efficient. Go Mariners.

Campaign Operations Sr. Consultant

Chrissy Nemeth

Marketo Certified Expert, living in the Pacific Northwest. Passionate about helping marketers improve campaigns through automation.

Client Partner

Daniel Pearson

Client development specialist with a background in inside sales and technical contract writing. Dan is affectionately known as “the most interesting man at Etumos.”

Consulting Services Manager

Jamye Breidenbach

Jamye comes from the Enterprise B2B world of sales and marketing operations. With a coffee mug bigger than her head, she’s ready to help with operational efficiencies, standard work, continuous improvements, and problem solving.

Sr. Manager, Project Managment

Sarah Huffman

Program manager extraordinaire with over 8 years of project and program management experience. She enjoys finding the calm in the chaos. When not project managing for her day job or her home life, you can find her running the streets of Seattle – literally.

Consulting Services Sr. Manager

Rebecca Russo

Rebecca is a Marketo Certified Expert living in New Hampshire with 9+ years of B2B marketing experience who is passionate about solving problems and optimizing processes. When not consulting, she loves being outdoors and spending time with family.

Campaign Operations Sr. Consultant

Emily Henson

Marketo Certified Expert living in Cambridge, MA. She’s a big believer in process, scalability and efficiency. She also enjoys trying new restaurants, drinking coffee and traveling to new countries.

Consulting Services Manager

Alysha Khan

Marketo Certified Expert living in Chicago with 5+ years of B2B digital marketing experience and a passion for building robust campaigns in Marketo. Also loves coffee, cats, and stickers.

Marketing Operations Senior Consultant

Beth Massura

3x Marketo Champion and MCE with 15 years of marketing and project management experience. Beth has a passion for systems design and documentation. She also enjoys motorcycles and genealogy research.

Sr. Program Manager

Ali Stoltzfus

Ali is a seasoned Marketing Operations project manager with 6+ years of experience supporting both B2B and B2C initiatives. She lives in the LA area and enjoys, the beach, live music, and her cats. She likes her cats more than the ones she has to wrangle at work, but only a little bit more.

Marketing Operations Consultant

Tiffany Diehl

Tiffany brings 10 years of experience using marketing technology to fuel demand generation and revenue growth to the team. Outside of work, you’ll find her at a concert, baseball game, or enjoying the beaches of Virginia.

Senior Client Partner

Kelly Jo Horton

Kelly is a skilled and dedicated 2X Marketo Champion, Marketo Fearless 50, and Marketo Certified Solutions Architect who is passionate about client support, words, travel, coffee, and last but not least, the Oxford comma.

Marketing Intelligence Consultant

Juan Figueirido

Juan is an experienced marketing data analyst with over 10 years of web programming, email marketing, and SQL Server database administration. He is curious and passionate about finding solutions, coming with different alternatives. He lives in Portland, and enjoys hiking, photography, traveling, enjoying live music, and being with his furry companions (four cats, and a dog they tolerate).

Marketing Intelligence Manager

Derek Gunn

Derek lives in Dallas and is certified in Tableau and Marketo. His background in both operations and analytics expertly support our clients in understanding the power of their data. Outside of work, Derek enjoys spending time with his daughter, his wife of five years, and two huskies as well as playing guitar, video games, and hockey.

Sr. Project Manager

Brian Regan

Brian is a Senior Marketing Operations project manager with over 6+ years of marketing operations, advertising, and retail marketing project management. He lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife and their dog, Ellie. When he’s not working he enjoys playing guitar, backpacking, skiing, and road trips.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Erika Westphal

Erika is an award-winning email specialist and coder living in Charlotte, NC who is passionate about email design, coding for email, and optimization. Offline, you can find her in the kitchen baking or playing with her long-haired dachshund and two nephews.

Associate Marketing Operations Consultant

Lindsay Garland

Lindsay is an MBA and Marketo Certified Expert living in Raleigh, NC. With over 5 years in B2B Client Services and Marketing Operations, she’s passionate about scalable processes and marketing attribution. When not working, she’s likely reading, playing with two crazy dogs, or cheering on Tar Heel basketball and Canes hockey.

Sr. Project Manager

Hannah Martin

Hannah is a pro Project Manager from the PNW who is obsessesed with organization, creating scalable processes, and building team cohesion. She is also a Marketo Certified Expert and has experience in supporting enterprise clients in nurturing their leads and reaching their marketing goals.

Marketing Operations Consultant

Michelle Wilfong-Oliphant

With a background in B2B SaaS, Michelle loves all things Marketo and Salesforce, leading routing, and attribution. Outside of work, she loves to run ultramarathons (distances over 26 miles) and recouping with her 3 cats and husband in Denver, CO.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Cayce Armstrong

Cayce is a 2x Marketo Certified Expert located in Petoskey, MI with over 8 years of experience in marketing operations. She enjoys solving problems and meeting new people. Cayce spends time outside of work walking her two dogs, taking her daughter to soccer practice, and reading.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Bentley Juste

Bentley is a marketing operations professional living in Atlanta, GA who is passionate about connecting with industry professionals, growing in the vocation of marketing operations, and making an impact.  When he’s not working, Bentley enjoys playing games with friends, trying new foods, and exploring the world.

Marketing Operations Consultant

Amanda Reilly

Amanda is a Marketo Certified Expert with over 6 years experience. She is passionate about clean data, compliance, and best practices and gets excited over scalable solutions that solve problems, actionable reporting, and effective segmentation.

Marketing Intelligence Consultant

Meredith Foulke

Meredith is a certified Marketo Expert who enjoys developing, tinkering in, and learning about all MarTech platforms. In the marketing operations field, Meredith is focused on supporting clients to achieve their marketing intelligence goals. Meredith spends her time outside of work finding new places to hike, attempting to bake bread, and playing with her miniature schoodle, Stella, who while small has a big personality.

Marketing and Community Specialist

Claudia Lopez

Claudia comes to Etumos with over 4 years of Marketing experience and is newly embracing the Florida lifestyle. Her passion for marketing lies within the people, the numbers, and a love for constant growth and improvement. With a soft spot for all things creative her free time is filled with roller skating, knitting, and family fun.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Junior Smith

Junior is a marketing operations professional who aspires to learn all that he can about Marketing operations. He has a background in education which has afforded him exceptional communication and collaboration skills. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, keeping up with new tech, and gaming!

Associate Marketing Operations Consultant

Sam Berger

Sam is a Marketo Certified Expert based in New York City. She loves finding new problems to solve and collaborating with others. Sam is very passionate about developing efficient processes that increase team productivity. Outside of work you will find her, traveling, enjoying the beach, trying every new restaurant in NY, and teaching dance to young kids.

Sr. Marketing Consulting Services

Natalie Kremer

Natalie is a three-time Marketo Champion and Marketo Certified Expert based in Dubuque, Iowa. She loves creating new processes and coming up with creative solutions to unique problems. In her free time, she loves to organize, explore new places and read.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Kirsten O'Steen

Kirsten is an experienced marketing operations professional based in Columbus, Ohio. With a history of working within the B2B technology space, she is passionate about finding simple solutions to complex problems. Offline, you can find her spending time with her pug, knitting, riding horses, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Client Partner

Stacy Piszczek

Stacy is well versed in Marketo and other MOPs technologies living in Illinois with more than a decade of marketing experience. She loves collaborating with fellow marketing experts to bring customers the products and services they need. When not working she can be found hiking, camping, or spending time with family!

Marketing Operations Consultant

Kyle Sosa

Kyle is a MOPs professional and enjoys being at the intersection of technology and strategy. He loves spending time with his wife, rooting for the Dodgers, shootin’ hoops, and hanging out with friends outside.

Marketing Operations Consultant

Julie Ko

Julie is a marketing operations professional living in Cambridge, MA who has a history of working in the B2B space. She enjoys collaborating with others and advocating for efficient and scalable processes. When not working, she’s either trying to walk her cat, checking out new cafes & restaurants, or spending time outdoors.

Marketing Operations Project Manager

Demetrius Rooks

Demetrius is a Certified PMP with 9 years of project management experience who currently resides in New Jersey. He relishes in the opportunity to interact with companies for current and/or potential enhancement initiatives. He spends the majority of his free time indulging in outside activities with his two children.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Chris Frias

Chris is a marketing operations professional who is eager to continue learning about marketing automation and the best practices associated with it. He enjoys traveling with his wife, running in races ranging from the 5k to the marathon, and going to the beach.

Associate Marketing Operations Consultant

Sabrina Garay

Sabrina is a MOPs professional based in St. Petersburg, FL. She is passionate about organization & efficiency. Outside of work, you can find her being active, cooking a vegan recipe, or reading.

Marketing Operations Consultant

Mike Guanci

Mike is a MOPs professional based in Raleigh, NC. He is passionate about problem-solving and continuing to find ways to improve and evolve operational processes through technology. Outside of work, Mike enjoys going to concerts, hiking, and having game nights with friends.

Office Manager

Andrea Fields

Andrea is an Office Manager currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. She enjoys collaborating with others and is a results-driven professional with a strong ability to manage office functions. She has a background in education and is passionate about being a lifelong learner. Outside of work you will find her spending time with family, friends, and her fur baby, traveling, cheering on the Saints, and going to festivals.

Campaign Operations Consultant

Sheila Lozano

Sheila is a marketing operations professional who is always willing to try something new and eager to learn. She currently resides in the Sunshine State – Florida! Outside of work, you will always find her doing something: spending time with her family, traveling, being outdoors, working out, or taking care of her 11 dogs!

Campaign Operations Consultant

Ryan Furtado

Ryan is a marketing operations professional based in Massachusetts who is experienced in developing email and automation strategies. He is a creative problem-solver and eager to continue learning. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his dog, going for hikes, and rooting for the Red Sox, Celtics, & Patriots!

Marketing Operations Project Manager

Lauri Simpson

Lauri brings 10+ years of marketing experience to the project management team. Based in sunny FL, you can find her enjoying the beach or new adventures with her family in her free time.

Sales Operations Specialist

Jess Howard

Jess is a sales operation specialist currently located in Houston, TX. She is eager about driving sales and finding better processes to drive them. She has a background in Comp Sci and stays on top of current technologies and platforms. She enjoys traveling, making music, and being outdoors.

Marketing Operations Project Manager

Liz Finch

Liz is a seasoned Marketing Operations Project Manager with 3+ years in the B2B space. She is passionate about learning and is constantly looking for ways to “work smarter, not harder.” A PNW native, Liz currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, with her cat Athena. When she’s not organizing projects, you can find her in a museum or planning her next travel adventure.

Our Leadership

Founder, VP of Product

Edward Unthank

3x Marketo Champion, Seattle MUG leader, and MOPs thought-leader. Obsessed with beta releases, templates, new technologies, and just about anything that makes marketing smarter.


Tyson Roberts

Tyson is a customer-obsessed serial entrepreneur who enjoys collaborating with engineers and data scientists to influence, measure, and even predict customer response by combining data, technology, and analytics in novel ways. When he’s not innovating, he’s cheering his four children on at whatever they happen to be throwing their hearts at.

Nate Smitha
VP of Services

Nate Smitha

Seattle MUG leader and Marketo Certified Solutions Architect, dedicated to conversion-based marketing and architecture that scales. When Nate’s not online, he’s outdoors.

VP of Revenue and Client Results

Kristin Anne Carideo

Here to ensure Etumos’ clients get the most out of their engagement, Kristin brings 14 years of marketing experience and 6 years leading a global marketing ops org to the role. When not online, she’s usually baking

Director of Consulting Services

Kristin Crowe

Marketo Certified Solutions Architect with over 10 years of marketing experience. Committed to helping marketers work smarter, not harder. Perpetual morning person and coffee connoisseur.

Senior Marketing Manager

Lindsay Walter

Marketo Certified Expert living in Seattle with more than a decade of marketing experience. She loves collaborating with fellow marketing nerds to bring customers the products and services they need. When not working she can be found with her nose in a book or on the hiking trails with her family. Also, coffee is life.

Amber Stolp
HR Manager

Amber Stolp

Amber is an enthusiastic HR leader focused on driving HR strategy to promote employees’ success and meet company goals. When she’s offline, she enjoys being outdoors, trying new restaurants, reading, and traveling.

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