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Website source tracking simplified.

Don't Lose Valuable Lead Source Data

When you spend money to drive a lead to your website through paid channels, it’s critical that you are truly capturing that lead’s source.

But are you?

Understanding first touch lead source is critical for attribution modeling, campaign performance reporting, SEO strategy and optimization for measuring return on marketing investment, and yet, with traditional utm capture there is so much opportunity for data loss.

We Can Help

Etumos Capture is a simple solution to capture true first touch lead source across your web properties that will allow you to better understand how well your campaigns are performing.

Our marketing operations developers will help install and deploy capture in partnership with your web team. This solution includes:

  • Support for your domain and your subdomains
  • Tracking for any url source values including standard utm_ values
  • Organic search configuration with over 30 global search engines
  • Referrer and direct visitor tracking
  • Install guidance for your web team and for your marketing automation platform’s forms

Get up and running quickly

Because we've deployed this solution for so many clients, we can work with you to get it up and running in as little as 5 business days. Peace-of-mind for your CMO and better ROI tracking in one business week? We've got you.

Let's Get Tracking

If your marketing team is having trouble understanding exactly where all those leads are coming from, let us help. Get in touch and we'll talk about how quickly we can ensure you know exactly where each lead is coming from.

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