Keeping non-functional email addresses out of your database in real-time.

Etumos Verify

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This is the Etumos email validation solution.

It runs a webhook to check whether an email address is valid and email-able, as well as provides more technical details about the email address itself to be used in beneficial ways for the marketing and sales efforts of the organization in which it is implemented.

Better deliverability rates. When people give you non-existent email addresses and you send to them, you’re hurting your email deliverability. Weed those out ahead of time without hurting your deliverability.

Real-time, natively integrated with Marketo Forms 2.0. This is a seamless integration not only with Marketo as a webhook, but also using real-time verification so that prospects fix their typos before it’s too late.

Setup in minutes. All you need to do is put the JavaScript on your landing pages with forms, and you’ll be immediately able to restrict new leads to emailable addresses.

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