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Etumos Verify

Your solution to keeping your marketing automation platform’s data clean.

Your Email Hygiene Solution

The best way to keep your database clean? Don’t bring junk into it in the first place! Verify is a lightweight solution that ensures you never collect bad email addresses through the forms on your website.


How does it work?

What about email addresses already in your database?

Is it easy to set up?

Better deliverability rates

Don’t hurt your email deliverability and clog up your database with invalid email addresses. Etumos Verify will weed those bad addresses before entering your MAP saving you time and valuable database space.

Real-time Verification

This light Javascript works seamlessly on all your landing pages which contain a form. Verify’s real-time verification ensures prospects fix their typos before the address even goes into your database.

No More Mickey Mouse

Provide a better customer experience by allowing users to access content immediately, without emailing it to them to verify that they haven't given you bad info.

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