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The scripting, calculating, storing, do-anything solution for Marketo.

The Flow Step that Marketo Forgot

Feeling limited by Marketo’s out-of-the-box functionality? Need to perform some calculation that a score field just can’t handle? Want to create a way to randomly divide your database into testing cohorts without relying on the random sample choice? Flowboost can help you extend the functionality of the Marketo platform quickly and easily.

Check out the features at each product level below and fill out the form to purchase. Once we receive your information, we’ll send over instructions on how to set up FlowBoost, an invoice, and we’ll send over your unique API key within 1 business day.

If you aren’t sure what level to purchase or need a walk-through of how to set it up after that, you can reach out directly!

API Calls / month
Counter Database (FBCounter)
Read Marketo-hosted assets (CSVs, JSON files)
Remote (non-Marketo) Services
Connect to Marketo REST API



Via Community


$125 / Month

Read & write remote services


$495 / Month

Read & write remote services
Priority Email

Standard Edition FAQ

What does the Standard Edition of FlowBoost cost?

Why should I pay for Standard instead of using the Community version?

Can I pay via invoice instead of credit card?

How can I cancel?

Professional Edition FAQ

What does the Professional Edition of FlowBoost cost?

What happens if I run out of API calls?

What does this “512MB database” entail?

Why should I pay for Professional Edition instead of using the Community or Standard versions?

What happens if I run out of API calls?

How it Works

With FlowBoost, you can create recipes for all of your needs, including capitalizing names, formatting phone numbers, adding scores together, generating random values, and even integrating with anything you want.

Step 1

Noodle on what you want to do with the tool. Maybe you can peruse some of the existing recipes that we’ve already come up with on the Marketo Community, which are pretty useful for day-to-day Marketo operations and data cleanliness.

Step 2

Request an API key from us—they’re free for a trial and light usage!

Step 3

Set up the webhook in Marketo following our instructions that we’ll email to you with your API key. We have pictures to guide you and examples you can start with. Make sure to map the responses to lead/contact fields in Marketo so you can use that data.

Step 4

Create a smart campaign that fires the webhook based on the audience you want, and you’re off to the races!

Recipes and Examples to Start With

Trying to figure out where to begin? Here are some common use cases that we solve and some code that can make it happen. You can also download the complete FlowBoost Implementation and User Guide.

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