FlowBoost is the scripting, calculating, storing, do-anything solution for Marketo.


Marketo Superfeatures

  • Community
  • $ 0.00 / month
  • 100k API Calls (total)
  • Local execution only
  • Support via Community
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  • Standard
  • $ 125 / month
  • 500k API Calls / month
  • Local execution only
  • Email support
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  • $ 495 / month
  • 1mm API Calls / month
  • 512MB database
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Do it.

Data Manipulation, Extra Integrations, and More

How does it work?

Step 1: Noodle on what you want to do with the tool. Maybe you can peruse some of the existing recipes that we’ve already come up with on the Marketo Community, which are pretty useful for day-to-day Marketo operations and data cleanliness.

Step 2: Request an API key from us—they’re free for a trial and light usage!

Step 3: Set up the webhook in Marketo following our instructions that we’ll email to you with your API key. We have pictures to guide you and examples you can start with. Make sure to map the responses to lead/contact fields in Marketo so you can use that data.

Step 4: Create a smart campaign that fires the webhook based on the audience you want, and you’re off to the races!

Then look at it go! It works!

Use cases and recipes for all of your needs.
  • Capitalize names
  • Format phone numbers
  • Add scores together
  • Generate random values
  • Integrate with anything you want

What are you waiting for? Send us an inquiry and we'll get you a free Community edition API key.

Recipes and Examples to Start With

Trying to figure out where to being? Here are some common use cases that we solve and some code that can make it happen.

Write “Hello World!”

One of the most basic lessons in programming. This to give you a starting place to what you can do.


result: "Hello World!"



Get five separate random values ranging from 1 through 10.

Want a random number 1 through 10 for random cohort testing in Marketo, but the “Random Sample” flow step choice isn’t random enough for you? We use this internally for every client to do controlled tests.


randomCohort1: [1-10]
randomCohort2: [1-10]
randomCohort3: [1-10]
randomCohort4: [1-10]
randomCohort5: [1-10]

Take a lead’s address and get the domain from it.

Ever had a case where you were enriching based on a prospect’s website but all you have is an email address? This Regexes a lead’s email address dynamically through a lead token and returns you just the domain.


domain: [all values after @]



Add Demographic Score to Behavior Score

Normally, “Lead Score” is an overwhelming amount of smart campaigns trying to mirror behavior score changes, but with this simple webhook you never have to worry about the “Lead Score” sum getting out of sync again.


summedScore: [demographic score + behavior score]

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