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How To Optimize Campaign Build Times With Instance Organization

Overview If you’ve ever inherited a messy marketing automation platform (MAP) instance, you probably quickly realized how hard it was to find anything, and the amount of time you wasted clicking around to finally find what you were looking for. “They put the program templates there? Whaaat?” Few things are more frustrating than not being…

Getting Started with CSS in Marketo Engage

Join Etumos’ own Corey Bethel as we discuss what CSS is and 3 common use cases in Marketo Engage’s Email and Landing Page Editors.

How To Optimize Campaign Build Times With Program Templates

Overview As a marketer, it’s important to optimize the time you spend on building your campaigns. Time spent on creating programs and all the pieces that go along with them, such as email assets, landing pages, reports, etc., is time you aren’t able to spend on other initiatives or campaigns you need to work on….