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Our Philosophy

Marketing Operations is a specialized profession, with specialized skills needed.

The Four Pillars of Marketing Operations

At Etumos we believe that technical people need a seat at the strategy table to ensure that organizations with complex marketing strategies are supported by capable, specialized marketing operations professionals.

To get more specific, we believe that marketing operations teams are supported by four pillars:

  • Platform Operations
  • Campaign Operations
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Marketing Operations Development

All companies require some level of support from each of the four pillars, depending on the complexity and scale of their marketing efforts. Every marketing operations team relies on marketing platforms and often some dev support to enable efficient campaign delivery and the ability to measure marketing performance.

Etumos Four Pillars of Marketing Operations


The State of Marketing Operations

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We Live Our Philosophy

We have put together a team that specializes across these four pillars, and we have deep knowledge and experience within each of them.

This allows us to approach your marketing operations problems in a fundamentally different way than other, less specialized agencies. Our consultants have used their specific and detailed knowledge, developed through years of experience with a diverse set of clients (startups to enterprise, B2B and B2C), to create best practices that we can implement quickly. We believe in a specific approach that means our solutions will always scale up or down as necessary for you, creating marketing operations processes that work for every stage of marketing operations maturity.

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Our skilled team is grounded in a distinct philosophy and approach. Let's talk about how we can help you achieve better marketing results.

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