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Our Approach

How we build solutions that meet your marketing operations needs now and anticipate the future state of your business.

S-C-R-I-M Spells Success

Our team has a distinct approach to how we think about the right solutions to fit your business. We refer to these guiding principles as the SCRIM design methodology.

SCRIM stands for Scalable, Clear, Robust, Intelligent and Modular. At Etumos, SCRIM is a mantra and it’s at the heart of how we design integration solutions, configure platforms, architect campaign flows… you get the picture. It’s in everything.

Not quite sure what we mean?

Scalable: The solution must function equally well at 10x the scale.

Clear: The solution must be understandable and built in a way that reduces the potential for confusion and errors.

Robust: The solution addresses all the functional requirements.

Intelligent: The solution accounts for upstream and downstream processes and there is an avoidance of “silent errors” baked in.

Modular: The solution is designed to perform a specific function and can be maintained or decoupled if needed without causing harm to other componentry.

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Edward Unthank

Edward Unthank Founder of Etumos

“We’re here to educate people on what technology can do to marketing—how we can make marketing more efficient and effective.”

Working with Us

When you work with us, we’ll pair you with consultants who have the right set of skills for your marketing operations needs. Then we’ll take a look at your systems and what you are trying to accomplish, and we’ll recommend a roadmap and path forward that gets you where you need to go.

We are relentless in pursuing not just one solution to your problem, but the right solution to your problem.

Developing the right solution means avoiding anything that compromises these principles and working to evaluate your needs in today and the likely needs of your business as you scale.

At Etumos, the SCRIM design methodology is paired with a relentless pursuit of our values to innovate and deliver outcome-focused excellence to our clients. We never settle for good enough.

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