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Lead-to-Revenue Strategy and Reporting

Tell marketing's story.

Know What’s Working

Paid, earned, owned… events, webinars, emails… every marketing channel has a unique set of KPIs and a particular place in your revenue funnel. We can help you build the architecture to capture things like lead source, funnel stage, and segment, then identify and visualize the metrics and drill-downs that get you to the holy grail of marketing operations – true, believable lead-to-revenue reporting.


Lead Lifecycle Architecture

When did this lead become an MQL? How long did it take sales to action it? Tracking leads through your funnel properly allows you to answer those questions quickly and easily.


Lead Scoring

Not more leads, better leads. Architecting a lead scoring model that will scale as you do is essential to making your sales team as efficient as it can be.


Lead Source and Attribution

Understand and capture first, last and every lead source so that you can report on attribution.


Executive Dashboards

Stitch together disparate marketing data and create views that matter to every level of your organization.

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A DIY Approach to Activating Your Existing Marketing Data

Marketers, Technologists and Analysts

We believe that marketing intelligence and analytics should be situated within the marketing operations team. Why? Because getting to true full-funnel reporting takes the platform operations team’s expertise too. Architecting the right programs within your marketing automation platform and CRM is the first step to getting the right dashboards.

Problems We Love to Solve

Start with the executive marketing dashboards. That’s the advice we give our clients. At the end of the day, what dashboards do you want to show your CMO? From there, we can work backward to create the operational infrastructure that will enable those dashboards.

Build. Scale. Report.

We’ve helped all kinds of companies capture, understand and action their data, from start-ups who had to rely totally on Salesforce dashboards to enterprise SaaS companies that wanted to stitch in intent data from their own products to use in their lead scoring models and create reports in Tableau. Our lead-to-revenue Framework is flexible enough to provide the backbone for all sizes and scales of companies.

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