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Lead Lifecycle Architecture

Operationalize your marketing funnel by identifying leads at each stage in the buyers’ journey.

Lifecycle Processing

Lifecycle Processing is an operational framework that centralizes lead processing and aligns it with your organization’s revenue model. This architecture assigns revenue stages, automates processing at stage transitions and provides robust data points for marketing funnel reporting.


New Lead Processing

Easily manage stage assignment, enrichment, data standardization, CRM sync and more

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Audience Targeting

Automated Lifecycle Status assignment creates provides a valuable proxy for campaign targeting


Automated Processing

Simplify lead processing with automated workflows at each revenue stage transition


Revenue Reporting

Capture the data points necessary to reporting volume, conversion and velocity at each stage of the buyers journey

Marketing Operations at Scale

Etumos brings a SCRIM methodology to marketing operations. We believe that marketing operations processes should be Scalable, Clear, Robust, Intelligent and Modular. Our Lead Lifecycle framework was developed to be the backbone for centralized processing within each of today’s leading marketing automation platforms.

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How to use Lifecycle Processing to guide and structure your marketing

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Structure Your Marketing

The backbone of a marketing automation platform is a prospect’s progression from original visit and creation all the way through becoming an active customer—driving that flow is how a prospect is treated within the system both operationally (behind-the-scenes data cleanliness) and effectively (choosing nurture communications, targeting tracks, and sales tasks).

Lifecycle Processing takes how you think of your revenue model (or lead conversion funnel) and turns that into a collection of marketing automation actions that can be used as hooks by other operational programs or marketing initiatives.

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