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Must Contain Podcast

The podcast where we break down one industry buzzword or hot topic in each episode.

About Must Contain

Must Contain Podcast: The Podcast for Marketing Misanthropes

Join Marketing Ops Nerds, Kristin Crowe (OGK), and Kristin Carideo (KAC) to break down a marketing or corporate buzzword, hot topic, or anything else Etumos clients are talking about. They’ll investigate what that concept actually means – sometimes amongst themselves, and occasionally with a resident “expert.” Got a topic you want to hear us cover? Pitch us!

If you are known as incredulous and are a self-proclaimed skeptic when it comes to the latest marketing jargon–then you have found your people. Welcome.

Meet Your Hosts

Kristin Crowe

Known as OGK, she is the Etumos Director of Consulting Services and a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect with over ten years of marketing experience. OGK is passionate about helping marketers work smarter, not harder. OGK is a perpetual morning person and coffee connoisseur–leaving her plenty of time in the day for world domination.


Kristin Carideo

A self-designated skeptic of trendy marketing jargon, Kristin Carideo (KAC) is the VP of Revenue and Client Results here at Etumos. KAC brings 14 years of marketing experience and six years leading a global marketing ops org to the role. She works tirelessly to ensure Etumos’ clients get the most out of their engagement. When she isn’t raising an eyebrow at words like “synergy,” she’s usually baking or basking in the California sunshine.


Episodes Available

In this previously recorded LIVE episode from MOPsCON 2022, Kristin and Kristin are joined by Etumos Founder, Edward Unthank to talk Customer Success Operations, CSOps.

Catch this slightly lengthier but also interactive episode to learn more about customer success operations including why it should be part of Rev Ops, what a pilot program can do for your organization, and getting started with understanding your customer set. READ TRANSCRIPT

Jump to 44:08 to hear the three takeaways on CSOps.

This week Kristin and Kristin are joined by Amy Goldfine to talk The Four Pillars. Originally introduced and defined by Edward Unthank in 2019, the four pillars of marketing operations are the foundational components that create a functional team. Tune in to learn more about how Amy has used the pillars to create job descriptions and build her team and how you can do the same as a leader and an IC. READ TRANSCRIPT

To get your quick fix, skip to 25:44 for the three things you need about the four pillars.

Kristin and Kristin are joined this week by Kevin Dieny to talk marketing and its relationship with college degrees. There’s so much to talk about, which is why you might have noticed this episode is double the length. But we promise it’s worth it. While you may not think of a college degree as a buzzword (buzz phrase?), you probably should. Take a listen to the discussion on whether or not a college degree is a requirement for a marketing job, what skills are most valuable to hiring managers (from the POV of the hosts), where you can gain skills and experience before you apply for your next job, and much more.  READ TRANSCRIPT

If you’re short on time, the takeaways this episode are our final thoughts. you can skip ahead to 46:01 for them.

Kristin and Kristin are joined by our first-ever guest duo – Jon and Steve from Upcraft. In this episode, we talk email templates – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Listen in to learn more about the common template asks, how to migrate email templates from one marketing automation platform to another, and the joys of email rendering in Outlook. READ TRANSCRIPT

If you need to get right to the good stuff, skip to 17:01 for this episode’s lessons.

Guest, Beth Massura (she/her), joins Kristin and Kristin to talk accessibility and inclusivity. In the episode, learn more about how you and your fellow MOPs team members can work internally to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for employees, prospects, and customers. READ TRANSCRIPT

If you’re looking for quick wins now, you can jump to 20:45.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion is a broad-reach topic and we can only cover so much in a 20-minute podcast. We hope you’ll act on what you’ve learned but we also encourage you to learn more on your own using the resources below. Remember, progress over perfection.

Kristin and Kristin are back with Must Contain’s first-ever guest, Kelly Jo Horton. This time we’re talking RevOps. We’re breaking down what it is, what it isn’t, how to structure a RevOps org (spoiler, it comes down to making friends over beers), and a bit about how to become a RevOps leader. READ TRANSCRIPT

Just want to skip to the beers? Fast forward to 25:44 for the three things you need to know about RevOps.

Summer is in full swing but be sure to download this episode of Must Contain for poolside reading, it’s got all the makings of a great summer listen. Kristin and Kristin catch up with David Kreitter to talk iPaaS. This gem of an acronym (Integration Platform as a Service) has been around for ages but David offers an updated take on it as the tools move from IT only to Operations.  READ TRANSCRIPT

Summer fun keeping you busy? Skip to 19:39 for the three things you need to know about iPaaS.

Join Kristin and Kristin as they talk attribution with Rachel Squire. Can you justify your existence? Rachel talks about how you can no matter your maturity. Learn how you can get started with attribution using the most basic tools, tips for aligning with sales on what success actually is, the variety of model shapes, and much more. READ TRANSCRIPT

Need a quick fix? Jump to 21:30 for the 3 things you need to know about attribution.

Must Contain is back with season 2! Join Kristin and Kristin who are back and better than ever. This first episode covers some hot takes on MQL with Tara Roberston, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Chili Piper. Is it M-Q-L or Mequel? Twitter says MQLs are dead, is it true? Why should sales care about MQLs? Why should marketing? Get answers to these questions and more. READ TRANSCRIPT

Short on time? Skip ahead to 17:22 to hear the three things you need to know about MQL in 2022.

Catch up on episodes from Season 1!

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