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Must Contain Podcast

Must Contain Podcast

The podcast where we break down one industry buzzword or hot topic in each episode.

About Must Contain

Must Contain Podcast: The Podcast for Marketing Misanthropes

Join Marketing Ops Nerds, Kristin Crowe (OGK), and Kristin Carideo (KAC) to break down a marketing or corporate buzzword, hot topic, or anything else Etumos clients are talking about. They’ll investigate what that concept actually means – sometimes amongst themselves, and occasionally with a resident “expert.”

If you are known as incredulous and are a self-proclaimed skeptic when it comes to the latest marketing jargon–then you have found your people. Welcome.

Meet Your Hosts

Kristin Crowe

Known as OGK, she is the Etumos Platform Operations Director and a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect with over ten years of marketing experience. OGK is passionate about helping marketers work smarter, not harder. OGK is a perpetual morning person and coffee connoisseur–leaving her plenty of time in the day for world domination.


Kristin Carideo

A self-designated skeptic of trendy marketing jargon, Kristin Carideo (KAC) is the VP of Revenue and Client Results here at Etumos. KAC brings 14 years of marketing experience and six years leading a global marketing ops org to the role. She works tirelessly to ensure Etumos’ clients get the most out of their engagement. When she isn’t raising an eyebrow at words like “synergy,” she’s usually baking or basking in the California sunshine.


Episodes Available

Derek Gunn, Marketing Intelligence guru, sits down with OGK to talk all things dashboards. Are they more than pretty pictures? Take a listen to find out how to get started on the right path with accurate and available data that provides answers to the specific questions your marketing executives are asking? READ TRANSCRIPT

Want the quick fix? Start at 16:42 for the top 3 things you need to know.

Christine Selvaggio, Manager of Operations Consulting with Etumos, joins Kristin and Kristin to talk about the elusive perfect world of sales and marketing alignment. In perfect timing with the upcoming holidays, learn how marketers and MOPs professionals can come to the table and enjoy their time with their sales and SOPs counterparts. Hint, it involves a bit of altruism combined with some KPI planning. READ TRANSCRIPT

Join Kristin and Kristin to talk CDP with Vinny Sosa, Head of DevMOPs at Etumos. They talk what CDP really means, who plays in the space, how to know if you need a CDP as part of your tech stack, and if so, how to get started and to make sure you don’t flub it. READ TRANSCRIPT

In this inaugural episode of Must Contain, we’re talking ABM with Kelly Jo Horton, Senior Client Partner at Etumos. We discuss what ABM isn’t, common mistakes people make when implementing an ABM strategy, examples of how to execute successfully, and the ever-important measurement discussion. For your added enjoyment, we’ll also be sharing our favorite wrong explanations for what ABM actually is. READ TRANSCRIPT

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