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Marketing Operations Support

Choose the right martech toolset, get it up and running, and enable its use.

The Right Tools for the Job

Did you inherit an implementation project? Are you facing the prospect of migrating from one marketing automation platform to another? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices you have in platforms and how to accomplish those tasks?

Yes, there’s a dizzying array of martech tools out there. We’ve all seen The Chart. But marketing operations isn’t about the new hot trend; it’s about choosing and deploying the right tool for the job and keeping an eye on how your toolset is going to scale over time. Our consultants can help you evaluate your business case, select the right tools, and update, upgrade or migrate as needed while balancing your team’s long-term and short-term needs.

Martech Stack Evaluation

Let us compile your near and long-term business requirements and evaluate your current stack against them.

Marketing Automation Platform Migration

We plan and execute comprehensive marketing automation platform migrations, whether you are moving from Pardot to Marketo or are trying to merge two existing instances of Marketo.

Marketing Automation Platform Optimization

Activate the full potential of your investment quickly with our proven best practices.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Your Stack

What matters more when building out your martech stack, your budget now, or what the future state of your marketing will be? The truth is that both do, and by bringing in Etumos consultants to help balance those needs, you can create a stronger business case for new tools and a better roadmap for your existing tools.

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Marketing Automation Platform Migrations Done Right

We know that being tasked with migrating from one marketing automation platform to another is overwhelming and scary. Will there be data loss? How does the timing of your CRM migration affect a MAP migration? How do you decide what to move and what not to move? We’ve been there, done that with dozens of clients, and our end-to-end migration services are designed to ensure a smooth go-live process once you flip the switch on your new instance.

Some of our favorite migration projects include:

How We Approach Implementations and Migration

Our implementation and migration services are designed to create as little work for your team as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us.

  • A comprehensive project plan showing milestones along the way
  • Full coordination between your marketing, IT, web, CRM and marketing operations teams so you don’t need to waste your team’s time chasing down information
  • Implementation of the Etumos Framework of best practices
  • Strategic consulting around what to migrate or implement, in what order, and why. We won’t just move bad processes from one system to another

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How can we help choose, move, implement or improve the toolset in your martech stack? Let’s talk!

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