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LeanData Consulting

Have confidence in your LeanData lead matching and routing rules.

Optimized Routing and Matching Strategy

Lead matching and routing rules can quickly become complex, and managing these rules in Salesforce workflows or through your marketing automation integration isn’t scalable. Enter, LeanData–a native Salesforce application with a visual routing interface. LeanData allows you to adapt as your revenue operations continue to grow, resulting in a more accurate match rate.


Flowbuilder Optimization

Whether you are a new or existing LeanData customer, our team can help you optimize your lead and contact flowbuilders for accurate routing and matching, no matter the complexity.


Lead2Account Matching

Automate your lead to account matching, lead conversion and report on matched leads in your CRM - which isn’t possible with out-of-the-box Salesforce reporting.


Lead Routing and Ownership

Have global sales teams? Or want to assign ownership to a BDR on an account team? Utilize LeanData’s features to assign ownership to the right person for timely follow-up.


Qualified Record Management

Custom process development to trigger LeanData so that your company never misses the opportunity to follow-up with a qualified person, this includes notifications in third party systems like Slack.

Improve Lead Routing

Etumos’ LeanData consulting services help organizations improve lead routing, account matching, and auto-conversion in order to ensure a streamlined marketing to sales handoff. We support implementations and process resolution for LeanData customers, no matter the complexity.

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