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Solution Design and Delivery

Empowering Marketers with technical solutions built quickly and for scale

Make Your Ideas a Reality in No Time

Markets, opportunities, regulations, and technology continue to evolve at a breakneck pace every single day. At Etumos, we know how precious time is in the world of modern marketers like you. We combine our marketing expertise with deep technical fluency to design and deliver “just-right” marketing solutions quickly so you don’t have to wait for months while opportunities pass you by.



Understand our RAPID[3] Framework for Development Projects

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Create a Marketing Technology Roadmap You Can Deliver On

Marketing teams frequently plan to enable new capability only to hit a prioritization and resource wall when it comes time to deliver. This is because the developers and engineers needed are typically shared resources driven by competing objectives and the marketing ops team is usually pulled in so many directions that strategic initiatives often lose out to short-term priorities. We’ll work with you to reveal and assess optimization opportunities and build a prioritized roadmap for new technology, automation, and integration. We’ll then bring our technical product management expertise to bear to engage with your developers and maintain focus toward achieving your vision. No developers? no problem. If there are resourcing gaps, we’ll put our development and engineering expertise in play to help you fill them.

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