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How to Build a High-Powered Marketing Operations Team

Edward Unthank offers a template for building a sustainable, high-performing marketing operations team (MOPs) and his philosophy based on six years in this industry.

3 Types of Profiling Programs to Guide Your Marketing Efforts

What are Profiling Programs? Profiling programs can be set up in your marketing automation platform to help categorize your website visitors into more insightful segments tailored to your business and marketing needs. Profiling programs consist of competing scores for each of the appropriate segments, and known visitors within your marketing automation database accrue scores putting them…

How to Do Intelligent Lead Nurturing

Intelligent lead nurturing has evolved from drip email marketing—and is rapidly replacing it. Drip email campaigns are static, blind to prospect behavioral signals, and are one-size-fits-all. Intelligent lead nurturing listens to prospect signals and responds appropriately, uses dynamic logic, and gives personalized suggestions. It takes into account buyer personas, buyer stages, and buyer product interest…