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Structuring for Scale: How to Create Organizational Efficiencies In Pardot

The first mistake companies often make when implementing new technologies is building those systems out to meet today’s needs. Creating organizational efficiencies in Pardot starts with anticipating the needs your marketing operations team will face three years from now. The next step is translating your future needs into the organization, architecture and governance of your…

How to Scale Your Campaign Operations Team Through Specialization

Campaign Operations is scaling faster than ever throughout B2B marketing teams and it’s about time. With the right tools and the appropriate staff, end-to-end management of the campaign build process is getting more efficient and more cost-effective than ever before. Now, the question that needs to be addressed is not how many people can do…

Facing a Marketing Automation Upgrade? These 6 Factors Will Ensure it Goes Smoothly

Facing a marketing automation upgrade can be overwhelming with the endless universe of tools available for B2B and B2C teams. Etumos offers 6 factors to ensure it goes smoothly.