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How to Build Marketo Email Program Templates

April 20, 2017

Program templates allow you to scale your marketing efforts, and the most valuable template in your toolbox is the one that you use the most and that saves you the most time. For most companies, this is the email campaign program template.

Surprisingly enough, while this is arguably the most valuable template, many companies overlook it. …

List Acquisition? There’s a Marketo Template for That.

April 17, 2017

Most marketing departments begin or augment their demand generation efforts with list acquisition. Clearly marking these leads in your Marketo instance and tracking their future engagement is essential to making the most out of list purchases. We’ve helped our clients successfully automate this process with a Marketo List Acquisition template.

At Etumos, we’ve created a template …

A Marketo Content Program Template for Every Type of Content

April 12, 2017

The primary building block for any marketing initiative is content. We marketers thrive on content—but this post is not specifically about content. It’s about capturing leads that are interested in that content by establishing a scalable Marketo content program template in your Marketo instance.

At Etumos, we’ve created a template that can handle any type …