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Credit Union Marketing Consulting

Scaling Up Membership Engagement

Expanding Marketing Influence

Credit unions often have to demonstrate their unique collaborative value to the community with a fraction of the marketing team and budget of traditional banking institutions. To get the most return from their marketing resources, credit unions benefit from marketing automation. Enabling targeted marketing campaigns and processing at scale takes knowledge of best practices and technologies, and that’s where Etumos can contribute to the effort.

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Personalized Member Experiences

Strategically leverage data to develop member segments and provide relevant communications tailored to their individual needs.

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Efficient Campaign Execution

Build marketing campaigns in a repeatable and scalable way to engage prospective and current members on products and service lines of interest.

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Optimize Marketing Budgets

Review campaign metrics to understand what marketing initiatives are influencing new and expanded accounts - leading to data-driven marketing decisions.

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Prospective Member Generation

Centralize inquiries and financial education content downloads to facilitate followup with interested individuals.

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Roadmaps that Take You in the Right Direction

Every engagement with our consultants starts with talking through your marketing and business goals and providing a detailed roadmap over the length of our retainer with you that shows you how you get value from the engagement. We bring the best practices, you bring the business problems, we solve together to get you from Point I-Have-No-Idea-What’s-Going-on-in-There to Point Wow-I-Understand-Marketing-ROI-and-So-Does-My-Boss.

Scaling Up Membership Engagement

Etumos’ credit union marketing consulting helps organizations better engage their members and increase positive impact on the community. Whether increasing the volume of targeted marketing campaigns or determining what’s resonating with members, Etumos has the expertise to increase the maturity of the credit union’s marketing to drive sustainable membership growth and retention.

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