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Account Engagement Implementation Consulting

Optimized Account Engagement Setup

Launching B2B Marketing Automation

As the Salesforce ecosystem’s B2B marketing automation platform, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot) is the solution to manage prospect intake, engagement and conversion. Ensure your instance implementation follows best practices to keep data and processes running smoothly over time. Get the most out of the platform by working with technical experts familiar with Account Engagement’s nuances.

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Admin Configuration

Lay the groundwork for your Business Unit(s) such as branded domains, web tracking and user permissions to support and protect critical data.

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Account Engagement-Salesforce Sync

Set up the Salesforce Connector and Connected Campaigns to seamlessly share prospect and campaign data with the CRM.

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Instance Organization

Establish folder structure and naming conventions to facilitate work and automated processing.

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Lead Management

Start generating leads for your business with foundational forms and landing pages and initiate critical automated processing.

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Blog Post

Things You Need to Know As a New Pardot User

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Roadmaps that Take You in the Right Direction

Every engagement with our consultants starts with talking through your marketing and business goals and providing a detailed roadmap over the length of our retainer with you that shows you how you get value from the engagement. We bring the best practices, you bring the business problems, we solve together to get you from Point I-Have-No-Idea-What’s-Going-on-in-There to Point Wow-I-Understand-Marketing-ROI-and-So-Does-My-Boss.

Optimized Account Engagement Setup

Etumos’ Account Engagement implementation consulting services help organizations get started in a new Account Engagement instance to set them up for long-term success. With certified specialists in-house, Etumos is prepared to configure the platform to meet your business needs.

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