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Marketing Technology Stack Audit

Optimize your Automation

Understand your MarTech Stack

A Martech stack audit is an assessment of your current digital marketing technology and how it is contributing to your organization and revenue goals. Let us help you understand all of the tools you have in place, how they work (or don’t work) together, and where you may need to update or reconfigure your stack based on your unique organizational use cases.

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Inventory Existing Technology

We’ll compile an exhaustive list of your existing technology, what it does, who owns it, how much it costs, and how it works together (or doesn’t).

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Identify Technology and Automation Gaps

Our team is expert-class on sales and marketing technology so we can make customized recommendations to seamlessly integrate missing technology or automate manual workflows.

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Right Size Your Martech Investments

Keep your budget in check by reducing tool redundancy and eliminating the resource drain of managing technical bloat with overlapping functionality.

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Align Marketing and Sales Teams

Eliminate the friction between functional teams by ensuring that your technology investments are working together and providing a single source of truth.

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Roadmaps that Take You in the Right Direction

Every engagement with our consultants starts with talking through your marketing and business goals and providing a detailed roadmap over the length of our retainer with you that shows you how you get value from the engagement. We bring the best practices, you bring the business problems, we solve together to get you from Point I-Have-No-Idea-What’s-Going-on-in-There to Point Wow-I-Understand-Marketing-ROI-and-So-Does-My-Boss.

Engage Etumos Marketing Operations Expertise

We have a team of platform-certified marketing operations consultants who understand how to implement and scale world-class martech stacks. Let us systematically review your marketing technology systems and processes and help you optimize your stack to align with your strategic goals.

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Send us a note and we’ll walk you through how we can maximize your investment in marketing and sales technologies.

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