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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Organization Best Practices for Folder Structure and Asset Naming

Overview Are you tired of sifting through a disorganized marketing automation platform, wasting precious time searching for assets and campaigns? Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly known as Pardot, can be a powerful ally in your marketing efforts, but only if you have a structured folder system and a consistent asset naming convention in place….

Mastering Qualification in Pardot with Custom Lead Fields

Pardot has some very straightforward and well-designed lead qualification features. For example, distinct behavior score and demographic grading components are available out-of-the-box to facilitate lead qualification. On their own, these features are great for allowing companies to get lead qualification up and running quickly. However, they also lack some of the flexibility and customization that…

Structuring for Scale: How to Create Organizational Efficiencies In Pardot

The first mistake companies often make when implementing new technologies is building those systems out to meet today’s needs. Creating organizational efficiencies in Pardot starts with anticipating the needs your marketing operations team will face three years from now. The next step is translating your future needs into the organization, architecture and governance of your…