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Data Wars: Unleashing the Force of Marketing Automation Analytics with Email Performance Reporting

Webinar On-Demand

In this on-demand session, you’ll learn:

  • Email Campaign Performance Analysis: Just as Jedi Knights master their lightsabers, let’s wield the power of analytics to analyze our email campaign duels
  • Requirements: Data required for email performance reports: Only by embracing the ways of the Jedi — in this case, accurate data collection — can we truly measure our email campaign triumphs
  • Benefits: Monitoring the impact of other marketing automation process with email performance reports: In the same way, our reports guide the council of marketers, helping them navigate the challenges of the galaxy
  • How-to: Setting up visually effective reports – hone your skills to become Jedi Masters of data storytelling. It’s not just about charts; it’s about wielding data’s true power

Meet Our Speaker:

Meredith Foulke
Meredith Foulke

Marketing Intelligence Consultant

Subject Matter Expert

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