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Our list of expertise and offerings is generally too great to enumerate. We have people expertise (in-house consultants respected throughout the industry), processes bottled into intellectual property (aka, frameworks of configurations for MarTech, processes in and around tools, and internal tools built for beating normal human levels of productivity), and the ability to get clients to market faster and better than otherwise possible.

Here, though, we have an explicit list of our offerings, for those curious enough to seek:

Marketing Automation Consulting

The Marketing Automation tools are the core driver of Marketing Operations. The Marketing Automation systems have been (well, up until CDPs) the source of truth about marketing data. Google Analytics holds the aggregate-and-anonymous data about performance within marketing, but the Marketing Automation tools provide personalized context, experiments, and data.

Each one of these technologies needs active intelligent operational support to extract their promised ROI value. These are the foundation of your Marketing Technologies, upon which you will expand and be constrained.

MarTech Tool Consulting (Each and Every)

No MarTech tool can provide its greatest value in a silo. The industry is constantly keeping up with technical innovations in this MarTech arms race. If you have the tool, we’ve worked in, on, and around it. This list is a tiny sampling of other MarTech tools we can lead the way in.


Big-Data Enabled Marketing Operations

We don’t go out into the digital market shouting proficiencies in these tools (each is its own enormous tool, usually rightfully owned by IT or Development or Engineering). Frequently, though, we arrive at situations with clients where we are deeply embedded in high-complexity marketing campaign architectures, and do you know who ends up being a blocker on the progress? Those teams. They don’t have the priority for your non-core asks. The solution? Our consultants are self-sufficient and know how to not break things in all the market-leading (and obscure) technologies.

Marketing Middleware Consulting

Marketing Big Data Consulting

  • Snowflake Consulting
  • FiveTran Consulting

Digital Marketing Analytics Consulting

  • Google Analytics Consulting
  • GA4 Consulting

Big Data for Marketing Analytics and Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Analytics: Redshift Consulting
  • Marketing Analytics: BigQuery Consulting
  • Marketing Analytics: SQL consulting
  • Marketing Analytics: NoSQL Consulting

Marketing Consulting Projects we lead with engage with as consultants with clients

While we frequently choose to engage in long-term partnerships with our clients, projects are a great way to test out our skills. Any project can be delivered in our folded-in Sprint methodology. This view of work as projects means tapping into our whole consulting organization.

Etumos Services for GTM Support

If you’re looking for our services from a higher-level perspective of strategy, we support clients in all of the top methodologies of the day, and our breadth is strong. We offer strategic advisory services to GTM leaders within our clients, helping them craft a company-specific Go-To-Market plan that is built from the bottom-up. We don’t advise from up high; we are the ones who will be responsible for the designing, building, testing, and deploying the marketing machinations.

Here are some GTM strategies we have expertise in servicing clients, if you look at the world that way and you’re looking for an execution partner.

Areas of Niche Consulting Expertise

Look, there are so many ways to describe the types of companies who are using advanced marketing tactics in the digital marketing realm. Sometimes these group by Vertical or Industry, and sometimes by shared company-abstractions. Another way to consistently describe the companies engaged in this level of marketing is “highly considered purchases,” and its common partner marketing consulting for “highly regulated industries.”

Verticals we consult on marketing operations: