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The Most Valuable Audience Segmentations for Enabling Automated Marketing

Overview Setting up segmentations in Marketo Engage is essential to ensure your business’s success by knowing and understanding your targeted audience. Having audience segmentations will allow marketers to create a more personalized message for the audience, which will then build customer loyalty and bring in valuable leads. What is Segmentation? Segmentation is a feature in…

Robust and Scalable: How to Build Your Ideal Marketing Technology Framework

Today, digital marketers should always be looking for ways to continually improve their efforts. The goal is to provide ways to give readers the most engaging and relevant content possible. Unsurprisingly, the quest for dynamic content has grown quite popular. This is because improved content will lead to enhanced engagement from subscribers and provide a…

The B2B Marketing Revolution: Remarketing Campaigns Assigned by Marketing Automation

Setting Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns with Marketing Automation This is absolutely revolutionary for B2B marketing. This combines two budding technologies (remarketing and marketing automation) to create hybrid marketing tactics that will prove incredible results. This combines the effectiveness of multi-channel campaigns with the effectiveness of personalized campaigns. The right content at the right time, through multiple channels….