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Robust and Scalable: How to Build Your Ideal Marketing Technology Framework

Today, digital marketers should always be looking for ways to continually improve their efforts. The goal is to provide ways to give readers the most engaging and relevant content possible. Unsurprisingly, the quest for dynamic content has grown quite popular. This is because improved content will lead to enhanced engagement from subscribers and provide a seamless way to develop targeted campaigns.

The right marketing technology setup will be key to allow digital marketers to perform these fundamental tasks. With a strong setup in place, they can maximize their time and effort to produce a strong ROI. The difficult part is finding that ideal marketing technology setup.

Cooking up a Gourmet Marketing Technology Setup

There are two main functions you should be looking for in a marketing technology setup. It needs to be robust and it needs to be scalable.

Scalable: No user wants a setup that is unable to grow at the same rate as their business. The platform they choose should be able to grow as fast as the rate of an organization’s contacts lists and campaigns. For this reason, it necessary to create platform that is able to grow quickly and seamlessly to meet a user’s needs.

The key features of a scalable setup will include the ability to clone content in a one-step process, unify and integrate data from multiple channels, and harness evolving metrics and performance indicators to measure a company’s marketing ROI. A scalable platform will also help businesses continually grow in their marketing efforts as well as realize their maximum marketing impact.

Robust: Additionally, the setup needs to accommodate a robust amount of needs. This will allow a user to add or tweak something as they go along without having to recreate components in the process.

A robust setup is ideal because it will draw the attention of a creative user. This user will be able to use the fundamental components of your setup and scale on top of them to improve their efforts over time.

Your End Goal: From the beginning, find that balance between robust and scalable in your setup.

How to Achieve the Ideal—A Robust and Scalable Framework

We advocate a modular setup. This type of setup will allow multiple parts to be used for multiple purposes. Additionally, it will give a user the ability invest their time and money where it makes the most sense for their business.

A modular setup will also allow for the easy assemblage of new layouts and will be composed of modules that can be altered or replaced without affecting the remainder of your system. These functionalities will give your user the ability to increase the quality of their setup over time (which will be ideal for them).

Marketing Setups that are built to last
We recommend creating a setup that is both robust and scalable from the beginning. In this way, the technology setup can be improved on at a later time without breaking any of its component parts and will allow a user to maximize their time and energy. With the right setup, a user will be able to generate the most engagement, contact nurturing, and revenue possible, making for a happy (and successful) marketing team.

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