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Marketing Strategy

Scaling Your Marketing Efforts with a Centralized Submission Process

October 18, 2017

To scale marketing efforts, both in the amount of marketing communications that you’re putting out and the database size that you’re addressing, you need to expand your marketing organization to incorporate new functions: specialized marketing operations.

In our last blog post, we discussed scaling your team for operational success. However, expanding …

Scaling Your Marketing Team for Operational Success

September 14, 2017

Consider the following scenario:

A Marketing Automation Architect is perusing the marketing calendar and looking at emails scheduled to go out for the day. She spots an email marked as “operational,” meaning it will send to unsubscribed leads and will not include an unsubscribe footer. Upon further inspection, it seems this email should definitely …

How to use Lifecycle Processing to guide and structure your marketing

February 23, 2016

The backbone of a marketing automation platform is a prospect’s progression from original visitation and creation into a system all the way through becoming an active customer—driving that flow is how a prospect is treated within the system both operationally (behind-the-scenes data cleanliness) and effectively (choosing nurture communications, targeting tracks, and sales tasks).

Lifecycle Processing …

Multi-Channel Nurture to guide your Remarketing Campaigns

January 27, 2015

One of the biggest areas for marketing improvement is better utilization of remarketing campaigns for known leads: how to offer content more effectively that individuals should be receiving and how to tailor that content more appropriately. In this week’s whiteboard session, multi-channel marketing takes center stage as one of the best practices that can revitalize your …

How to Build Your 2015 Marketing Operations Team

December 16, 2014

Many marketing technologists are looking ahead to 2015 and questioning the current structure of their marketing operations team—as well they should be. Today, the makeup of a marketing operations (or, “marketing ops”) team can largely determine a company’s success.

As you finalize your 2015 plans, consider the most efficient and effective ways in which marketing technology …

Buyer Stage Scoring: Data that Guides Your Nurture

December 3, 2014

Marketing technologists are constantly searching for better tools to properly gauge buyer readiness. How can you determine which content is most applicable to which prospect? And at what stage in the buyer cycle does it matter most?

Content marketing’s goal is to offer more targeted content in places that will have the most impact. Stop randomly creating content, and instead, use buyer …

3 Types of Profiling Programs to Guide Your Marketing Efforts

September 16, 2014

What are Profiling Programs?

Profiling programs can be set up in your marketing automation platform to help categorize your website visitors into more insightful segments tailored to your business and marketing needs. Profiling programs consist of competing scores for each of the appropriate segments, and known visitors within your marketing automation database accrue scores putting them more …