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Etumos Partners with Community Member to Create MOPs PROs Toolbox Chrome Extension

As Adobe continues to roll out its new Marketo Engage Unified Experience (MEUE) to clients, many Marketing Operations (MOPs) professionals have had challenges adapting. These professionals have turned to the MKTO Helper Chrome Extension developed by a member of the MOPsPROs community. Recognizing the enormous value added by the extension, its adoption by the community, and its potential for improving productivity across many other Marketing Operations tasks, Etumos decided to formally join forces in its future improvements and releases for the MOPsPROs Community.

As the sponsor of the MOPsPROs Community, Etumos will continue its investment to uplevel the extension with a new look, new features, and ongoing support. While the existing Chrome Extension has been graciously supported by only a few hours per month of individual effort, Etumos will now invest its development resources to continuously evolve the tool that has helped so many Marketing Operations professionals all over the world.

New features available in version 3.0 include:

  • Easily selectable color themes
  • A built-in UTM Generator
  • Built-in access to a growing list of over 50 useful online utilities that MOPsPROs community members say every MOPs professional will find invaluable.

DOWNLOAD the extension now.

MOPsPROs works with its community members, finding ways to support the education, effectiveness, and empowerment of Marketing Operations Professionals. Our history of community investment funds advancements in peer support, knowledge sharing, events, thought-leadership, products, and tools such as the MOPsPROs Toolbox, that enhance productivity, drive best practices, and advance the Marketing Operations vocation as a whole.

Etumos is dedicated to furthering the industry of Marketing Operations (MOPs), investing in innovative ideas, and supporting the MOPsPROs Community as a whole. We’re excited to continue our collaboration with cutting-edge technologists within the community and beyond!

Still having challenges with the new Marketo Engage User Experience (MEUE)? Read our Unraveling the New Marketo UI blog post by Etumos Consultant, Alysha Khan for more tips and tricks.

Want to see a demo of the new Marketo UI? Watch our On-Demand Webinar. Alysha explains the new features, gives tips on challenges, and answers questions posed by actual Marketo users. WATCH HERE

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