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New to Marketo and Feeling Overwhelmed?

Marketo Training Resources to Get You Started


Discover Our Experts’ “Secret” Resources

No matter how you started working with Marketo Engage, everyone has one thing in common: being overwhelmed with where to start. If you are new to Marketo, you may wonder how to get trained without access to the program.

The best place to start is to explore the available online resources.

You can find the latest webinars, tutorials, and videos to help you get up to speed quickly. We will show you where to get support from Marketo practitioners. They have real experience and can answer your questions in real-time.

First, Marketo Engage Resources

Adobe owned and managed resources.

Marketo offers several tools to help you get your knowledge up to speed. The Marketo Engage tutorial library has videos on various topics.

These include set-up fundamentals, walk-throughs of cross-channel marketing, and guidance to set up the lead life cycle. Video walkthroughs provide a great addition to Product Docs. Product Docs contain detailed instructions on how to use the platform’s various features.

Marketo also offers a New to Marketo Engage course that includes over two hours of on-demand sessions that provide a foundational understanding of the platform. You’ll get familiar with the interface, glossary and icons; understand programs and smart campaigns; learn how to build common program types and how to measure the success of your programs.

Adobe Digital Learning Services provides paid training for those seeking a more intensive experience. This is part of the Adobe Marketo Engage: Marketer.

Marketo Core Concepts is a two-day course. It is instructor-led, helping you learn the core features of Marketo. You will gain comprehensive training and hands-on learning.

Are you ready to advance your skills? If so, consider earning the Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Expert certification. This certification is a great way to take your learning to the next level. Many great resources are available to help with your preparation, including a study guide, readiness questionnaire, and practice test.

Marketo User Group youtube

Joining a local or virtual Marketo User Groups is beneficial. It is an excellent opportunity to learn from experts and build relationships with others in the community. The Marketo User Group YouTube channel also features recordings from virtual sessions worldwide

The Marketing Nation Community provides a discussion forum for all users, an Ideas portal, and community blogs written by Marketo experts. The Marketo Success Series is part of Marketo Engage. It features Marketo Champions and Alumni who share how they use the features to achieve success.

Second, Community Resources

Resources are created and shared through practitioners and MOPs leaders.

The Marketo Community has many great resources to get into the core areas of the platform. Marketo Champions, certified experts, and others share their knowledge with you through great blog posts, video series, and more.


Joe Reitz, Marketo Champion alumni and 2019 Adobe Marketer of the Year created the Marketo Fu YouTube series in 2016 (the channel name has since been updated to Joe Reitz, @JoeReitzMarketing in 2023.) While the Marketo interface has changed, the information included is still top-notch. This series offers Beginner and Intermediate playlists.

These playlists will teach you how to set up a Marketo instance, use campaign best practices, manage data, and more.

Automation Geeks youtube

The Automation Geeks was created by Josh Pickles and Grace Brebner, Marketo Champion alumni, who bring lots of fun and humor to learning the essentials of Marketo. The video Core Areas of Marketo dives into each Marketo function, what each section does, how to use it, plus some tips & tricks that you might not have known about before.

Once you know the Marketo basics, you can start honing your technical skills with Marketo expert and Marketing Nation Community Member of the Year Sanford Whiteman’s TEKNKL Blog. The blog features the best coding advice, including webhooks, deliverability, and scripts.

Join the Etumos Community

If you’re still looking for more, you can join MOPsPROs. MOPsPROs is a community focused on connecting MOPs professionals. Come join the conversation and learn from some of the best MOPs experts in the industry.

Do you need more help to get started or help get your team up to speed? Get in touch with us. Also, be sure to visit the Etumos Blog or our Resources for more information.

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