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A Special Etumos Announcement!

Etumos is excited to announce the appointment of a new CEO, Tyson Roberts, to lead us through the next phase of our growth! Our founder, Edward Unthank, is transitioning into a role as our first VP of Product, a position designed to ensure that Etumos stays on the cutting edge of marketing and technology thought leadership.

Edward Unthank

“I am thrilled that Etumos has gotten to the size where I can pass off organizational leadership to the hyper-qualified Tyson Roberts. My new role as VP of Product means that I get to focus on what makes Etumos excellent – listening to Marketing trends and synthesizing Marketing Operations best practices through process engineering and technology architecture, allowing us to build up the Etumos Framework of the best possible ways for each of our clients to grow their Marketing and results.”

We are so thrilled to enter this next phase of Etumos’ evolution

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