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ChatGPT Who? Real Expert Tips to Supercharge your Productivity

Listen, ChatGPT is changing the world day to day, but when you’re in Marketing Ops, you need help from the folks who have walked the walk to get your to-do list wrangled.

In just 30 minutes, we’ll share the best tips and tricks our top consultants use every single day as they bounce between tech stacks, problems, and stakeholders.

Our productivity pros will share how to:

  • Maximize your chat software with advanced Slack tricks.
  • Streamline workflows with Google building blocks and Smart Chips.
  • Adopt Akiflow for seamless task management and organization.

Meet Our Speakers:

Alysha Khan

Consulting Services Manager

Liz Finch

Marketing Operations Project Manager

Corey Bethel

Senior Campaign Operations Consultant

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