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From Zero to Campaign Ops “Hero”: How to Build, Scale, & Customize a Demand Center

We get it – standing up a campaign demand center sounds like a massive undertaking and probably also feels like overkill for your scrappy marketing team. The truth? A campaign demand center is just a fancy term for optimizing your campaign process from intake to build to launch.

Whether you’re launching five campaigns a month or 50, watch our recording to learn how to get your campaigns to market quickly, efficiently and with minimal errors i.e. the marketing ops dream.

In this on-demand session, you’ll:

  • Learn the four stages of setting up a campaign production process – intake, build, QA and launch.
  • Discover a crawl-walk-run approach to building a campaign demand center that meets the needs of your company
  • Understand how to find the right optimizations and processes to get your campaigns to market faster (and rake in that revenue).

Watch The Recording

Meet Our Speaker:

Alysha Khan

Consulting Services Manager

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