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FlowBoost: The Flow Step Marketo Forgot

FlowBoost lets you use JavaScript functions (from simple to advanced) to manage your Marketo database, without leaving the Marketo UI.

Transform, normalize, calculate, look up, and correlate field values. Replace clunky export-Excel-reimport processes with automatic data management, leads and logic both living happily within Marketo. And those are just the basics.

In this webinar, Sanford Whiteman, creator of FlowBoost — and moderator of the Marketo Nation community and MCSA — will walk through a variety of FlowBoost-powered MOPS processes that can’t be done with Marketo alone.

These “ripped-from-Sandy’s-inbox” use cases include:

  • Basic string functions: standardize on uppercase or lowercase, search/replace patterns, and parse URLs, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Flexible date math: anything Marketo’s simple date +/- operators can’t do, FlowBoost’s JavaScript can. Think business-hours-only sales alerts, calculating days between dates, and more.
  • Lowering Marketo costs by offboarding stale leads to FlowBoost instead of deleting them outright — then instantly restoring their last field values if they reappear in the future.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar! Don’t forget to watch FlowBoost: The Flow Step Marketo Forgot, Part 2

Meet the Speaker

Sanford Whiteman

Chief Technologist

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