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FlowBoost: The Flow Step Marketo Forgot – Part 2

Let’s Take A Deeper Dive

During this second installment of the FlowBoost: The Flowstep Marketo Forgot webinar, Sanford Whiteman, creator of FlowBoost — went even deeper into the code and the functionality of FlowBoost.

Sanford joined us for 60-minutes of indepth live demonstrations and answered viewers questions about FlowBoost’s vast functionality.

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Watch this webinar to:

  • Use FBCounter, FlowBoost’s counter feature, to limit webinar registrants and display a “wait list” form
  • Implement super-cool scoring logic — also leveraging FBCounter — such as visiting 5 unique web pages in a timeframe, lightweight account-based scoring, and percentage decay
  • Bust even more Marketo technical barriers: detect if it’s a business day or a national holiday, pluck discount codes off a stack, detect net changes across groups of lead fields

We hope you enjoyed this webinar! You can also rewatch FlowBoost: The Flow Step Marketo Forgot, Part 1

Meet the Speaker

Sanford Whiteman

Chief Technologist

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