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How to get HubSpot Certified in 30 Days


HubSpot is a globally leading marketing, sales, and customer service platform that has multiplied since its launch in 2006. Clients and customers can use HubSpots in various ways, so understanding how it works is valuable. HubSpot offers 25 certifications, which are tailored to different roles, software, and experience levels.

What are the HubSpot Certifications?

HubSpot Academy is Hubspot’s learning platform where you can sign up for free courses and expand upon your knowledge. They have hundreds of topics and unlimited access to allow for self-guided learning. HubSpot Certifications cover broader topics compared to HubSpot courses. They will require more time and include examples found in the HubSpot Platform. These certifications are only valid for one or two years. Some of the most popular certifications will be in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service methodologies.

Why should you get certified?

HubSpot makes it easy for anyone looking to invest in their career development by staying up to date with the latest business trends. With a HubSpot certification, you can learn new skills and show them off by obtaining a globally recognized certification. Knowledge is power, and as the business industry keeps rapidly changing, staying up to speed with the latest education is essential.

When should professionals seek out specific HubSpot certifications?

There isn’t an exact time for obtaining a HubSpot certification. It depends on your job role, what marketing automation platform you use, and your desire to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing and sales trends. But if you want to sharpen your digital marketing skills, you have come to the right place. A HubSpot Certification is an excellent way to expand your resume, add credentials to your LinkedIn profile or even get an employer’s attention.

When should companies seek to hire based on these certifications?

Even though most of the HubSpot Certifications are free and don’t require much time, you want to ensure your certification is valuable to your business or industry. Therefore, companies should seek to hire someone with these certifications when both the methodology and HubSpot products apply to their business.

How should individuals and companies go about getting certified?

The first step will be to get familiar with HubSpot and its functionality by signing up for a free account. Next, you will sign up for HubSpot Academy to see what certifications are available and which align best with your career goals. Then, you will select and enroll in the Certification of your choice, complete all lessons and quizzes, and take the exam to pass the certification. There is a time limit on the exam and a policy for retaking it. After passing the exam you will be able to view and download your certification badge. Lastly, you want to keep your certification active by taking a recertification exam before it expires.


HubSpot Academy provides many resources to get certified quickly; most certifications are also free! In addition, anyone can create a free account to personalize their search based on their role, experience level, and course that best suits their needs and goals. Expanding your skills and knowledge is never a downside, especially if you want to be a strong candidate in your field.

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