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HubSpot User Permissions & Teams: Tips for Highly Regulated Industries


Now more than ever, companies should be aware of how important it is to keep data safe and secure by having cybersecurity in place. It doesn’t matter if you are an organization that is a small business or a big enterprise, anyone can be at risk. Even though many companies nowadays are taking steps to protect their own data, HubSpot has also taken its own measures to ensure all its customers’ data stay safe.

What is the benefit?

HubSpot is a globally known and well-used marketing, sales, and customer service platform. There are many benefits to why there should be user roles & permissions in HubSpot. With a platform that can do so much, everyone in your organization must align with their permissions. I know you wouldn’t want the sales team to have access to Marketing and vice versa. When users are only permitted to access only what they will be utilizing, it will increase efficiency and reduce any chances of creating mishaps. Besides having your organization aligned with their User roles and permission, it is crucial to have this set in place to reduce the possibility of someone within your organization accidentally exposing the HubSpot account and leading to a security breach.

Why should that benefit matter?

If an organization has multiple teams and departments utilizing HubSpot, it is not in the organization’s best interest to give access to everything on the platform. Giving everyone access to everything can lead to organizational mistakes and miscommunication. Additionally, it does not matter what industry or marketing platform you are currently utilizing; it is essential to keep your information secure since it holds important company and client information. The last thing you would want to worry about is sending a mass email to everyone in your database that their data has been compromised, which could lead to losing your current and future client trust.

When should companies take action or implement a solution to ensure the benefit is achieved?

A company taking action to ensure its database is secured is one of the first steps that should be implemented. The last thing you want to worry about is getting your data breached. Back in March of 2022, HubSpot was hacked by infiltrating an employee’s account. HubSpot responded so quickly to the hack by notifying all the organizations that were affected by the hack, terminating the hacked employee’s HubSpot account, and also changing their protocol so that employees could no longer take some actions in customer accounts. HubSpot’s quick response and efforts to the data breach were so impressive that they maintained their reputation. This article gives a good explanation of the measures HubSpot has taken to make sure the data in their organization is secure. Cybersecurity is critical, especially regarding keeping your information secured. HubSpot security program offers an end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control that will keep your data safe. Here are some features that are included:

  • Data encrypted In-Transit and At-Rest
  • Penetration testing is performed regularly
  • Security measures comply with data security regulations

How can companies realize the benefit of implementing the solution?

Making your organization vulnerable to hackers is something that you do not want to risk, especially in this day and age. HubSpot has made it easy by putting measures in place to ensure data remains secure and protected. However, here are a few steps recommended for users to take that will keep their data secured:

  • Configure an SSL certificate
  • Enforce single sign-on and two-factor authentication
  • Password-protect some pages and configure membership
  • Enforce partitioning
  • Configure field-level permissions
  • Configure user roles
  • Configure hierarchical team structures
  • Implement data synchronization


In conclusion, it doesn’t matter the size of your organization, keeping your data safe and secure is going to help with keeping your client’s trust and future business. Even though HubSpot has implemented various security measures, it is also recommended to take steps of your own to protect your data.

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