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What to include in your HubSpot Campaign Launch Checklist


You have finally finished up that email campaign and are ready to send it out to your customer base. Congrats! However, if you don’t have a campaign launch plan, you could be creating more stress and work for yourself in the long run. While having a checklist is imperative during the campaign production process, we sometimes forget the work isn’t done once we go live. That’s why in this post, we will discuss why and how having a campaign launch checklist will help ensure your campaign launch is successful and help you be prepared for what is next.

What is the Launch phase of the campaign production process?

If you have seen our campaign production checklist before, the launch process is the final phase of campaign production. This is where you go live with your campaign, start collecting data and build reports for your teams to monitor campaign progress and learnings.

As this is the final step in our campaign production process, we will be assuming that you have completed the previous three steps which are intake, production and testing/QA.

What should happen during and after campaign launch?

There are three stages within the campaign launch process that takes place.


The program builder will confirm final details with the campaign requestor. This includes finalizing the date/time of the email launch, the size of the email audience and the filters/persona being targeted (including exclusions too!).

It is also imperative to get final approval from the campaign requestor (and if you have any additional stakeholders that need to sign off).


This is the stage in which you schedule/activate your email send once the requestor has submitted final approval.


This is the most important aspect of any campaign launch and sometimes gets overlooked or rushed in the process. Being able to provide reports through HubSpot and any other data tools your teams use can help provide insights as to campaign successes as well as learnings on how to improve your campaigns moving forward.

To start, you can build a HubSpot marketing email report to gather data around the email send such as total number of sends, clicks, unsubscribes and other email metrics.

If your team is using a CRM such as Salesforce, you can create campaign reports to help track campaign metrics such as registrants, downloads or a specific CTA you are tracking in your campaign.

If your teams use analytics visualizer tools such as Domo or Tableau, you can build out dashboards that can mimic the reports above to provide an all in one campaign view for your marketing and sales teams.

As you start to build more and more HubSpot campaigns, you can build out report templates to help speed up this part of the process as well!

When should a company focus on post-campaign launch activities?

We have all been in a situation where an email gets sent and 15 minutes later someone is asking for metrics. While time might be of the essence, it is important to allow 24 hours of data to be collected before sharing any initial insights. This will allow time for your audience to view your email, give them time to decide whether or not they are interested in your offer and you can get a more holistic view of initial findings of your campaign.

Having those pre-built reports will help you provide analysis to your team quickly and help your team get into the habit of doing campaign analysis. Oftentimes, with so many marketing campaigns being launched, companies tend to move on to the next thing without doing any analysis on past campaigns. Make sure to carve out time in a team meeting to spotlight past campaign performances and share your findings with the team. It may help improve future campaigns based on the data findings you might find from past campaigns.

What are the benefits of having a HubSpot Campaign Launch Checklist?

As you can see, there are multiple benefits of having a HubSpot campaign launch checklist at your disposal. It can help create a system for campaign launch as well as helping your team build the habit of reviewing metrics from past campaigns. Having these steps in place will also help you as the campaign producer have a reminder of what tasks are still left once a campaign is ready to launch.

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