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Website cookie management made easy.

Cookie Management Made Simple

Do you feel backed into expensive cookie management options in order to stay in compliance with global privacy regulations? It can feel overwhelming to tackle if you you have a small marketing operations or web development team. Etumos’ Permit solution is a lightweight, unobtrusive solution that allows your website visitors to opt out of cookie tracking that won’t require you to onboard yet another platform and can get up and running in about 5 business days.

Let Us Help You Configure and Deploy

Our marketing operations developers will help install and deploy Permit in partnership with your web team. This solution includes:

  • QA across 25 common browsers and devices
  • Install guidance for your web team
  • Installation into your marketing automation platform
  • Animated and responsive bottom banner with minimalistic feel designed to draw acceptance
  • Non-intrusive preference control button

Configuration options include:

  • Banner, font and button color
  • Banner text, button text and privacy link message in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  • Cookie control by exception or necessity
  • Cookie control by domain
  • Independent expiration settings for acceptance and rejection
  • Ability to use a footer or other in-content link for preference access

Get in Compliance Quickly

If you are looking for and easy solution for cookie management that will work with your martech stack, let's talk!

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