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Marketo Measure (Bizible) Consulting

Marketo Measure, formerly known as Bizible, and Etumos can help deliver the right metrics at the right time to provide key insights for data-driven decision-making.

Serve Up Real Insights to Make Better Decisions and Prove Value

Let Etumos assist you with the best path forward on your multi-touch journey. From basic support to advanced configuration, Etumos will make sure that you are getting the most you can out of Marketo Measure (Bizible).



Our Marketo Measure, formerly known as Bizible, implementation specialists will work with your team to ensure a successful setup that is fully customized to your marketing processes and lifecycle.



Misconfigurations and incomplete setup can lead to mistrust in marketing data. Etumos performs Bizible instance audits and can help with configuration to make sure there aren’t gaps in your attribution data.


Reporting & Analysis

Bizible data becomes even more powerful when paired with a custom BI stack. Etumos can help you interpret what multi-touch attribution is saying in a variety of platforms and products within your current tech stack.


Advanced Modeling

Attribution models should improve over time through a data-science based approach that validates which marketing outcomes are influencing purchasing decisions. We can ensure your model develops with your marketing tactics.

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You Have the Data... Now What?

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Attribution Tools And Your Stack

Attribution tools like Marketo Measure (Bizible) provide incredible insight into the lead-to-revenue reporting that you need to make good marketing decisions, but they are also a significant investment of time, money, and ongoing maintenance costs. When should you consider adding Bizible to your stack? At what threshold of paid media spend does it make sense to dedicate a specific tool to attribution reporting, versus putting together reporting from other pieces of your martech stack? If you’re confused about whether or not Bizible is right for you, let us do an evaluation to determine your business requirements and needs and recommend the right platform or solution for your needs.

Creating a Shared View of Attribution

There are a lot of competing ideas about what marketing attribution is, which KPIs matter, and how it should be modeled. You’ll likely find that competing ideas exist within your organization. So it’s no surprise that one of the leading reasons for failure to successfully recognize revenue attribution comes down to poorly communicated models. Our Bizible consulting services are designed to avoid the common pitfalls by working with stakeholders and marketing leadership to implement revenue attribution models that:

  • Are aligned with marketing’s goals and tactics
  • Can be communicated and understood
  • Avoid artificially inflating attributed revenue
  • Are able to be improved over time using a data science-based approach

Want to Know More?

Not sure if Bizible, or a solution like it, is right for you? Get in touch and we’ll walk you through how attribution data can be used to optimize your marketing channel investments.

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