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The Top 3 Account Engagement Integrated Services for B2B Companies


Whether you are planning on migrating to a brand new Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) instance or have an existing account, it’s imperative to take advantage of the tool’s integrated services. These are also called Account Engagement “connectors” that allow you to integrate specific applications directly into your Account Engagement account. In this article, I will highlight three of the top integrated services that you should be utilizing in your Account Engagement instance.

Salesforce CRM

Having your CRM integrated in Account Engagement is imperative to assure all of your marketing touchpoints are visible to your sales team and reporting. Setting up the Account Engagement/Salesforce direct integration is the no-brainer first step of setting up your Account Engagement integration. This will ensure all of your campaigns, website data and marketing activities flow into your Salesforce instance to help alert sales of their accounts activities as well.

Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook)

All of the major social media platforms have a direct integration into Account Engagement. Integrating these will allow you to utilize key features such as Linkedin Lead Gen Forms, which will allow form submissions from Linkedin to sync automatically to Account Engagement and to your Salesforce CRM instead of having to manually import them. Facebook form submissions work the same as well to minimize any manual imports for your team to take on. And the Twitter connector allows you to post on multiple accounts in one Account Engagement instance, see activity data on person records and even use it as part of your lead scoring.

Webinar Applications

Account Engagement has direct integrations with the major webinar providers such as On24, Zoom and GoToWebinar. Having your webinar provider integrated with Account Engagement will save countless hours of manual list imports and streamline your webinar registration and post-event process. You will be able to have updated webinar registrations and associate them with SFDC campaigns in real time. This will allow anyone in SFDC to see who is registered for an event without having to send an ask for the latest registration list. It also allows you to quickly update post-event statuses for those that attend and do not attend. Gone are the days of having to manually import lists and run multiple Account Engagement workflows in order to get your webinar campaigns updated.

Why should you use these services?

Like any good Ops person, you might be saying, “I’m not going to integrate something for the sake of doing it, why should I be using these?” Fair question, and the answer that these services help streamline and scale some of your operational processes. They allow you to gain additional data points, remove some manual work and integrate into different areas of your marketing such as scoring and segmentation. Benefits such as these should convince you that these integrations are of benefit to you and your team to ensure you get the most out of your data and Account Engagement instance.


Compared to other marketing automation platforms, Account Engagement might not have the same amount of direct integrations, but the ones they do have can provide plenty of benefits. They can help streamline processes and help scale your platform data. These three services are a must have for any Account Engagement owner that utilizes these tools to help make their jobs that much easier.

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