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Managing Marketo Workspaces & Partitions


Many marketers have questions about Marketo Engage workspaces and partitions and when they should be used. Workspaces and partitions are features allowing you to organize your marketing work. Keep reading to understand what workspaces and partitions are and if you should use them for your business.

What are workspaces and partitions?

Workspaces and partitions are a way of organizing your contacts and marketing team in Marketo. Workspaces will contain marketing content, and partitions will be made up of Marketo Person records. But first, let’s dive into what workspaces do.

You can use Workspaces to manage and hold marketing assets; Programs, landing pages, emails, forms, etc. Workspaces can be used by multiple people and each person can have access to one or more workspaces depending on your Marketo instance’s roles and permissions. Workspaces are beneficial, especially for global enterprises.

You can use Marketo Partitions to manage your database and Person records. Person Partitions will function like separate databases. Each partition in Marketo will contain its own Person records, and they will not duplicate or mix with other partitions. Here are a few things you will want to remember when working with Person Partitions.

  • A Partition can be accessed or viewed by multiple workspaces
  • One Partition can only contain one unique lead at a time
  • Marketo will flag an error if an email address is duplicated across Partitions
  • You can move a specific Person record from one partition to another

Why do companies use workspaces and partitions?

There are many reasons why enterprises or companies should use workspaces. For example, let’s say your company operates in regions like North America, South America, Europe, and Asia and each region has its own marketing team. Each team could have its own workspace in Marketing Activities and Design Studio to keep their marketing campaigns and assets separate and organized. Keeping everything in their Workspace will help marketers differentiate what assets or content they should use depending on the region they are in and attempting to target.

Companies should use Partitions to keep their database organized. Using Workspaces will keep assets separate, while Partitions will maintain Person Records and ensure they are only contacted by the Workspaces where the Partition is in use.

How do companies use Workspaces and Partitions?

How a company uses Workspaces and Partitions depends on its business model and needs, while keeping in mind that a person can only exist in one partition at a time. Also, Person Partitions do not interact with each other. Here are a few configurations on how you can assign Person Partitions to Workspaces:

  • One workspace to one person partition (1:1)
  • One workspace to many person partitions (1:x)
  • Many workspaces to one person partition (x:1)

This Marketo Engage article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a new Workspace and how to create Person Partitions.


Now that you fully understand how Workspaces and Partitions work, you can use Marketo to divide certain marketing assets and portions of your database. However, you will want to ensure your organization benefits from having separate Workspaces and Partitions. If you aren’t sure and need help, Etumos is always here to help.

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