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Increase Marketing Campaign Volume to Fully Leverage your Investment in Marketo Engage

How do you scale your campaign operations to increase your campaign volume and what tools can help your team become even more effective?  Let’s dive into this and discover how Marketo Engage can enable marketing operations teams to build scalable processes with campaign volume in mind.

What does “marketing campaign volume” even mean?

Campaign volume refers to the number of campaigns being executed in a specific time period. It can refer to the number of campaigns running across all channels, or it can refer to the number of campaigns running within a specific channel. Campaign volume can impact a marketing operations team’s ability to effectively and efficiently execute campaigns. A high campaign volume can put a strain on resources, leading to errors and delays, while a low campaign volume can suggest the underutilization of resources.

Why focus on Marketing Campaign Volume?

If your team is firing on all cylinders and yet is barely staying afloat, your campaign volume may be too high for the capacity your team is capable of. It is important to take steps to improve campaign volume before it becomes a situation where your team is getting burnt out or campaigns are suffering from errors or delays. Anyone with a Marketo Engage instance can take steps today to improve campaign volume and capacity. If you aren’t prepared to scale, your campaign launch process will break apart in the atmosphere. Can you 10x your volume right now without entirely reframing your infrastructure?

How can I increase Marketing Campaign Volume?

Implement a campaign production process

A campaign production process is the cornerstone of every efficient campaign operations team. This process will allow you clearly identify who is responsible for each step of the campaign production process and can help you highlight areas that need improvement. To learn more about how to build an effective campaign production framework, click here.

Utilize Marketo Engage features such as templates, dynamic content, and snippets

Speed up your campaign build time by creating Program Templates that are scalable and repeatable. Program Templates can be created for every channel, from an email send to a webinar to a trade show event. Creating robust Program Templates for your Marketo Engage instance will reduce potential errors as you ramp up your campaign volume.

Dynamic content and snippets are handy Marketo Engage features you can incorporate into your templates for emails and landing pages that dramatically reduce the amount of manual work required to deliver targeted messaging to your leads.

Set up nurture programs to optimize lead nurturing

Another powerful feature in Marketo Engage are engagement programs, also called nurture programs. Building an engagement program in Marketo Engage will give you an easily scalable system for delivering relevant content to your leads on a set cadence. Once you have your nurture program set up, you can come back and add content to the engagement streams whenever you need to. Pairing engagement programs with Segmentations to manage your engagement program audiences results in an easily scalable lead nurturing process that you can “set and forget.”

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