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The Top 3 In-Person Event Integration Services


In today’s digital age, in-person events remain a valuable marketing strategy for businesses to connect with their target audience and generate leads. However, managing event data and integrating it with marketing automation platforms can be complex and overwhelming. Luckily, in-person event integration services offer solutions to automate data processing, standardize information, and enhance user experiences. In this blog, we will explore the top in-person event integration services that can help revolutionize your event marketing efforts.

What are the top in-person event integration services?

Certain Inc., Splash, and Cvent are some of the top in-person event integration services due to their strong capabilities, distinguishing features, and seamless integration with leading marketing automation platforms (Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and Pardot).

Certain Inc. stands out for its comprehensive lead processing functionalities. The platform offers automated processing, data standardization, audience targeting, and lead identification. Certain Inc.’s emphasis on lead enrichment and velocity helps companies optimize conversion rates and reduce the cost per lead. Additionally, its personalized user experiences and marketing enablement features make it a preferred choice for companies looking to create engaging event experiences. Certain Inc. also integrates seamlessly with leading marketing automation platforms, ensuring real-time data synchronization and efficient lead processing.

Splash excels in event marketing and promotion. The platform provides customizable event registration pages, streamlined guest list management, and event-driven campaign capabilities. Splash enables companies to create unique and visually appealing event interfaces, enhancing the user experience. With its focus on event marketing, Splash offers tools for social media integration, event promotion, and event ROI tracking. Companies can leverage these features to maximize event success and drive attendee engagement.

Cvent is known for its comprehensive event management capabilities. The platform offers branded landing pages and forms, ensuring a consistent user experience. Cvent’s strength lies in its ability to manage all aspects of event organization, including agenda building, attendee management, and onsite check-in solutions. With Cvent, companies can optimize lead conversion, personalize post-event follow-ups, and track event ROI effectively. The platform integrates seamlessly with leading marketing automation platforms, allowing for efficient data transfer and streamlined lead processing.

It’s important to note that the selection of an event integration service ultimately depends on the specific needs and requirements of each company. Factors such as functionality, pricing, scalability, and compatibility with existing marketing automation platforms should be thoroughly researched and considered. Conducting a thorough evaluation and assessing individual business needs will help companies make the most suitable choice for event integration services.

Why should companies use in-person event integration?

Enhanced User Experience

Integration services offer personalized journeys for event attendees, creating a seamless and engaging experience that improves attendee satisfaction and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Streamlined Lead Processing

By automating lead processing and data standardization, integration services save time and effort, ensuring timely follow-ups and reducing the risk of missing out on valuable opportunities.

Audience Targeting and Enrichment

Integration services enable companies to capture and integrate attendee data with their marketing automation platform, allowing for effective audience segmentation, targeted communication, and lead enrichment.
Conversion Optimization: Leveraging integrated event data within the marketing automation platform allows companies to tailor their messaging and offers based on attendee preferences and interactions, optimizing conversion rates and maximizing the return on investment (ROI) from in-person events.

Cost per Lead Optimization

In-person event integration services automate processes, reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency, resulting in lower costs per lead and higher overall ROI for event marketing initiatives.

When should a company use In-Person Event Integration?

Companies should consider utilizing in-person event integration services when they regularly organize in-person events such as trade shows, conferences, or seminars as part of their marketing strategy. Integration becomes especially crucial when handling a significant volume of event attendees and associated data, making manual processing and data management impractical. By integrating event data with marketing automation platforms, companies can streamline lead processing, enhance user experiences, optimize audience targeting, and drive better conversion rates.

Who should manage In-Person Event Integration at a company?

The responsibility for utilizing in-person event integration services typically falls on the marketing operations teams. These teams are responsible for managing marketing automation platforms, data integration, and lead management processes. Collaboration with IT teams may also be necessary to ensure seamless integration between the event platforms and marketing automation systems. IT teams can provide support and guidance regarding data privacy, security, and technical aspects of the integration.


By leveraging in-person event integration services, companies can revolutionize their event marketing efforts, generate higher-quality leads, and maximize their ROI. So, if you’re looking to take your event marketing to the next level, consider incorporating in-person event integration services into your strategy.

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