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Best Ways to Scale Campaign Production with Asana


There are a lot of moving parts involved in campaign production – people across teams who have a stake in the creation and outcome of each campaign, the campaign details, content, and creative assets, the quality assurance, campaign launch and reporting, and everything else in between. To keep all of these things organized while also setting the company up for potential growth in the future, it’s important for companies to establish a well-planned, efficient, scalable campaign production process. Incorporating a project management (PM) tool such as Asana is imperative to the efficiency of campaign management and for future scalability.

What does scaling campaign production mean?

In the world of marketing operations, scaling campaign production is the planning and implementation of systems, teams, tech and processes to support an increase in campaign requests due to company growth.

When and why should companies scale campaign production?

Optimizing the campaign production process for future scalability is essential and should be done as soon as possible. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Business growth doesn’t always mean an increase in MOPs staff – scalable campaign production allows MOPs teams to manage campaign requests without becoming overwhelmed as the business grows.
  • Your future MOPs team will thank you – Creating a scalable campaign production process now helps the MOPs team and stakeholders become familiar with the process and allows for improvements along the way. As the company grows, the team will be able to easily adapt since efficient processes are already in use.
  • Scalable processes provide immediate benefits to campaign production teams – putting in time to create an efficient, scalable campaign production process will be beneficial as the company grows, but will also have an immediate impact on team productivity as soon as it’s put into practice.
  • Training new team members takes time and effort – scalable campaign production makes onboarding quicker and easier for anyone involved in campaigns because processes are well-defined and well-documented.

How can a company scale campaign production using Asana?

An integral part of making campaign production scalable is by managing the steps of the process within a PM tool. Asana is one PM tool that is frequently used to streamline the campaign production because of its ability to create templates for recurring campaigns, set up task dependencies to ensure tasks are completed in the correct order, and assign tasks to specific team members. As the number of campaigns increases, Asana provides a centralized location for all campaign-related tasks and deadlines to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Who should set up and manage campaign production in Asana?

The responsibility of setting up and managing campaign production in Asana should fall on the marketing operations (MOPs) team. The MOPs team is typically responsible for managing the tools and processes that support marketing campaigns, including project management tools like Asana.

However, it’s important to note that collaboration with everyone involved in the campaign production process, from MOPs managers, project managers, campaign build specialists, marketers, and other potential stakeholders, is essential. This ensures that everyone is aligned and informed on the campaign production process and can contribute their expertise to improve the process and increase efficiency. Ultimately, campaign production in Asana should be a team effort, led by the MOPs team.


Using Asana as a PM tool can greatly benefit companies looking to scale their campaign production process. It allows for efficient collaboration, well-defined and well-documented processes, and streamlined onboarding for new team members. By involving all stakeholders and regularly evaluating and improving the process, companies can ensure their campaign production remains scalable and adaptable to future growth.

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