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How to Scale Campaign Volume with a PM Tool


Today’s campaign operations professionals are under constant pressure to produce more and more campaigns, often with limited resources. Sound familiar?

It’s a common challenge that most businesses face, especially those in enterprise organizations. But there is a solution to increasing output without adding headcount – by fully optimizing your project management (PM) tool.

In case you need convincing, I will share the benefits of scaling campaign volume with a PM tool, why it matters, when to implement, and how to get started.

The Benefit of Scaling Campaign Volume with a PM Tool

The primary benefit of using a PM tool to scale campaign volume is efficiency. A PM tool enables campaign operations professionals to manage your workload more effectively, allowing you to produce more campaigns in less time. By using a PM tool, your teams can streamline processes, reduce manual errors, and automate tedious tasks. This means that you get freed up to spend more time on high-value activities like strategy and creative development. Plus, if you’ve ever outsourced (or considered outsourcing) the execution of your campaign builds, a PM tool allows you to seamlessly integrate vendors into your process and skyrocket your output even further.

Why Does it Matter?

Efficiency is critical to maximizing productivity especially for collaborative marketing teams with multiple layers of approvals required. By using a PM tool to scale campaign volume, teams can increase output without sacrificing quality. This allows your organization to stay competitive, meet customer demand, and ultimately grow the business. Moreover, when campaign professionals have a clear picture of their workload, they can stay motivated and hit their goals more reliably.

When to Implement This Solution

If your team is struggling to keep up with the demand for campaigns, it’s definitely time to optimize your PM tool. Additionally, if you’re spending too much time on manual tasks, like data entry or project tracking, a PM tool can automate those processes, freeing up time for your team and eliminating manual errors. Finally, if you’re experiencing burnout or high turnover, it’s critical to invest in your PM tool like this to ease the workload of your team and keep one source of truth for all campaign progress.

How to Scale Campaign Volume with a PM Tool

The most important step in this process is to define your processes and workflows. By doing this, you can streamline your campaign production and ensure that everyone is following the same steps. This will not only increase efficiency but also reduce the risk of errors, inconsistencies and that back and forth communication that we all know as a major time sink.

Once you have your processes defined, here’s a breakdown of next steps:

Standardize the process

Standardizing the campaign management process can help ensure that all team members are following the same guidelines and best practices. This can help to reduce errors and inconsistencies, while also improving efficiency.

Automate tasks

Many PM tools have automation features that can help to reduce the workload on team members. For example, some tools can automatically schedule tasks based on deadlines or send reminders to team members who have tasks due. Identify those manual, repetitive tasks and lighten your team’s load with automation.

Create templates

For each campaign type you work with, create a template or form that gathers all the minimum requirements from the content creator that will allow campaign ops to execute with minimal follow up. Consider the example of an email. Instead of asking the email requester to submit the details they think should be included, create an intake process that includes a form that has them fill out the same information for each email that needs to be deployed. Minimum (example) requirements include:

    • Campaign Name
    • Completed Campaign Brief
      • Email Send Date & Time
      • Target Audience Criteria
      • Email Copy – finalized & approved including:
      • From Name, From Address, Reply To Address
      • Subject Line
      • Preheader Text
      • Banner Image URL
      • Headline
      • Sub Headline
      • Body Copy
      • CTA Text, CTA URL, UTM

Proceed to create standard templates for every campaign type you have!

Utilize collaboration tools

Collaboration tools such as shared calendars, task lists, and file sharing can help to improve communication and collaboration between team members. This can help to reduce the likelihood of errors or miscommunication, thus, saving time in the long run.


Scaling campaign volume by optimizing your PM tool is a smart investment for large organizations looking to increase output without adding full time employees to the roster. By standardizing your processes, automating tasks, utilizing collaboration tools, and monitoring progress, companies like yours can scale campaign volume while still maintaining quality and efficiency.

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