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Marketo Engage & Marketo Measure User Roles in Adobe Admin Console

Important updates are taking place with the way you log into Adobe Marketo Engage and you’ll no doubt want to know how this affects you. Adobe is in the process of moving all users to the adobe Identity Management System.

Starting in July 2023, all new Adobe Marketo Engage subscriptions have included Adobe’s Identity Management System. If you’ve been using Marketo for awhile, this will affect your log-in process a little differently:

  • Your account will transition to Adobe Identity Management System upon your renewal or recontracting.
  • As of spring 2024, Adobe isn’t facilitating migrations outside these events, but as you renew your Account Manager will provide a migration timeline and you will see a notification in your Marketo instance.
  • Once the migration is finalized, all Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure users will log in using an Adobe Identity—an Adobe ID or an Adobe Federated ID (SSO option).

Additionally, subscription and user management will now occur via the Adobe Admin Console, acting as a central hub for all Adobe products. New Marketo users will be added through this console rather than directly within the products. However, all other functionalities, settings, and architectures within Marketo and Marketo Measure will remain unchanged.

The Adobe Admin Console employs a distinct hierarchy of user profiles. Let’s dive into the Marketo specific admin roles within the Adobe Admin Console.

Adobe Admin Console Specific Roles

Adobe Admin Console System Admin: This role is like a super admin for the entire Adobe suite of products. Within Adobe Admin Console, they can see and manage subscriptions, licenses, and users for all Adobe products. They can also add and remove other admins across Adobe products and set their permissions.

This role is responsible for adding product profiles to Adobe Admin Console. They will add a new profile for Marketo Engage and also for Marketo Measure. These profiles are necessary and are how your product end users gain access to Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure once your migration is complete.

The System admin can also add Adobe Console Product Admins to product profiles.

Adobe Admin Console Product Admin: This is a role specific to permissions within Adobe Admin Console. Most often this role overlaps with the Marketo Measure and Marketo Engage Admins and is primarily responsible for user management. They will facilitate the migration of your current Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure users as part of the migration process.

This profile could then either entitle users for the Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure products or, for larger orgs with many products and users, they can define a separate role called Adobe Admin Console Product Profile Admin to help manage user entitlement within individual product profiles.

Adobe Admin Console Product Profile Admin: This role is responsible for administering users for specific product profiles only meaning one product profile admin could own the Marketo Engage profile while a different Product Profile Admin could own the Marketo Measure profile. There are times when this role may be rolled up into other Adobe Admin Console Admin profiles, especially at smaller orgs with fewer products. However, at large organizations it can help distribute the workload of user management across products.

Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure Product Specific Roles

Marketo Engage or Marketo Measure Product Admin: This role may have a new name but it is equivalent to existing Admins within these products. After the migration, new Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure admins will need to be added as users in the product profile in order to have access to the Marketo application. They will also be designated as admins in the product profile in Adobe Admin Console.

When the product admin user is added to Marketo Engage or Marketo Measure via the Adobe Admin Console, the user is granted the Adobe Product Admin role within Adobe Admin Console as well.

Marketo Engage or Marketo Measure User: This role allows access to the product and does not have administrative privileges. When added to the Product profile in Admin Console, users will be assigned as a standard user by default.

However, you still have the ability to customize user roles and permissions further within Marketo Engage or Marketo Measure by utilizing the existing user role functionality within the product.


The switch to Adobe’s Identity Management System and the Adobe Admin Console for handling Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure users brings about some changes to how users are managed. While adjusting to the new roles and structures may require some time, the integration promises smoother operations and centralized control across all Adobe products.

With roles like the Adobe Admin Console System Admin, Product Admin, and Product Profile Admin, user management becomes tailored to your organization’s needs. And, don’t worry—despite all the changes, the core features and setups in Marketo Engage and Marketo Measure remain consistent.

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