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What to Look for in Marketo Measure, Formerly Bizible, Expert Services

Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, is an excellent attribution software program that can provide valuable insights into an organization’s current marketing efforts. However, not everyone has the extra time or knowledge to navigate a program to reap the most benefits from its data collection. That is where working with a Bizible expert comes in handy.

Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, for Revenue Attribution

Naturally, several platform types can provide some advantages to a company’s marketing strategy. However, each software program will have its features and elements, making it tedious to learn the ins and outs of multiple platforms.

Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, helps bridge the gap for revenue attribution across multiple revenue driving activities.

The best-automated attribution platforms will only work as well as the parameters. Often, there can be an abundance of helpful information for an organization, but it becomes missed when the correct queries are not in place. A Bizible expert can ensure all the valuable data is collected and used for marketing efforts.

What to Look for in Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, Expert Services

Choosing Bizible as an automatic attribution software is the first step in gathering critical data to enhance business marketing strategies. The next step is finding someone who can help your organization make the most out of this program’s features. Bizible experts can make this task easy.

Why Do You Need Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, Expert Services?

Some organizations may not realize how beneficial it is to have an expert guide your efforts with an attribution program. These highly-trained individuals can provide exceptional help at all stages of the platform.

Instances where the help of a Bizible expert for an organization can include:

  • Consulting before an initial setup
  • Setting up a new implementation and configuration
  • Employee training for Bizible use
  • Continuous monitoring and auditing services
  • Upgrades or changes to existing installations

Although many organizations may have a dedicated team of MOPs experts who can handle these tasks, their position may require other duties that make it challenging to allocate time for these responsibilities. Using Bizible experts can help save an organization time and money while providing more efficient use of resources.

Vital Considerations When Searching for a Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, Expert

After an organization realizes how beneficial Bizible can be for their business and how more straightforward it is to have an expert take care of this task, the search begins for qualified prospects.

Knowing what to look for will make the hunt for Bizible professionals easier. Like other qualified individuals in various industries, some vital elements will guide choosing the best people for the job.

The top 5 vital considerations for a Bizible expert include:

  1. Skillful in Adobe Programs
  2. Knowledgeable in Digital Marketing Strategies
  3. Top Analytical Reporting Skills
  4. Expert with CRM Technologies
  5. Demand Generation Specialist

1. Skillful in Adobe Programs

There is much more to navigating Bizible than having Adobe experience and knowing how to use the programs. Although this attribution software is part of the Adobe platform, several credentials, like being an Adobe certified expert in other Adobe platforms, can indicate proficiency with its many programs.

2. Knowledgeable in Digital Marketing Strategies

Profit does not come from setting up a marketing effort once and letting it do the work. Instead, using the talents of expert individuals will provide the key to continuous success. They will closely monitor the organizational initiatives, adjust as necessary, and ensure the most efficient use of marketing efforts.

One excellent way to find Bizible experts is by seeking out individuals who were successful with the Marketo certified expert exam or who have run Marketo instances and done Marketo consulting. This training equips candidates with automated marketing fundamentals and strategies and proficiency with digital marketing concepts.

Obtaining Marketo certification validates an individual’s skills and competencies with digital marketing strategies. This way, a Bizible expert has the knowledge to help drive growth and improve ROI (Return on Investment) by proper analytics from data reports.

3. Top Analytical Reporting Skills

Obtaining comprehensive reports will only be valuable if they are understood and are useful in current and future marketing efforts. Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, experts know how critical analytical reporting is to the success of a business.

Some vital elements that experts should recognize and be knowledgeable about include:

  • Engagement Metrics
  • Performance Metrics
  • ROI Metrics

Being proficient in all aspects of analytical reporting and lead-to-revenue reporting will ensure that each piece of data is valuable to help grow site traffic, click-through rates, reconversions, and lead generation. Not only will a Bizible expert know how to utilize this data, but they will also help guide an organization in making more profitable marketing decisions based on this information.

One essential element to analyzing data from marketing efforts is using deep dive methods to hone in on a specific aspect of the customer journey. Narrowing down the positives and negatives of each touchpoint throughout the entire online journey can bring to light flaws or unintentional adverse results as a marketing effort.

Using the deep dive method for exploration should be a regular occurrence by a Bizible expert. These tasks help keep business processes active and profitable while running effective marketing strategies.

4. Expert With CRM Technologies

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical in successful marketing strategies. There are numerous ways a company can use CRM tools to store customer information, identify prospective customers and potential revenue opportunities, manage marketing campaigns, and observe any issues.

Experts in CRM technologies continuously monitor current customers while monitoring and exploring the organizational strategies in place and how they contribute to revenue sources. As a result, these professionals can easily recognize any potential opportunities to help increase engagement and retain current customers to obtain the highest ROI possible.

Proper utilization of CRM tools can ensure an organization remains engaged with its customers while attracting new ones, streamlining business processes, and improving profits. Enhancing business relationships overall is essential for all aspects of business operations with customers, suppliers, and more, helping to create more market demand.

5. Demand Generation Specialist

Bizible experts are knowledgeable as demand generation specialists. They know how to help drive interest and awareness through digital marketing for an organization’s products and services. This effort helps to build relationships with customers to create long-term engagement.

Demand generation differs from lead generation in terms of branding and awareness. Rather than pushing products or services right from the start, this strategy aids in building a brand and enhancing interest rather than focusing on conversions.

While lead generation is vital for profits, many potential customers do not respond well to traditional sales conversion tactics, making demand generation a soft way to gain interest. Numerous platforms today fall under demand generation, including:

  • Company blogs
  • Live and virtual events
  • Contests
  • Social media campaigns
  • Podcasts and videos
  • Partnerships
  • Free tools

Finding a Marketo Measure, formerly Bizible, Expert

Although many organizations, like Etumos, offer Bizible experts that can guide your business to success, the final decision should work for the benefit of your company.

Using third-party services can allow a company more time to focus on other critical areas of business operations while the experts handle what they do best. However, the results may fall short of expectations without proper research and communication.

Before choosing a Bizible expert for your organization, keep these elements in mind:

  • Does the team possess the knowledge and skills your company needs for Bizible support?
  • What types of services do they offer? Are there tiered support packages or upgrades available?
  • Do they provide training for all employees?
  • Are recommendations or annual audits available?
  • Will they work with all integrated platforms to streamline marketing strategies?
  • Do they have references from past and present clients?
  • How flexible is their schedule, and does it align with your company’s timeline?
  • Do they provide a free consultation?
  • Are they familiar with your market niche and your products or services?

Naturally, each organization will have its reasons for using Bizible experts. However, having some idea of what your company wants to achieve beforehand will help select the right team of experts to bring your Bizible attribution software to life.

The Takeaway

The benefits of using Bizible experts are numerous. And while specialty software programs like this will present advantages, having individuals who know the ins and outs help make the entire process easy to understand.

These professionals at Etumos can guide your organization in making the best digital marketing choices for your business needs. With helpful tips and careful analytical strategies, these experts can ensure that Bizible works for your benefit, now and in the future.

Using an expert Bizible consultant ensures that your organization uses this automated attribution software program the most. Following your customer journey map and increasing ROI has never been easier when reaching out for Bizible expert services.

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